Xeo videoblog #3 @ The International 2

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Aug 29, 2012

Hello to everybody! It’s the 3rd day of the group stage of the International.
I’ll tell the main things. We’re in the winners bracket as we gained victory
over the Chinese team TongFu with a 2-0 score. The games were really good.
The 1st one was even played without mistakes as we outpicked the opponents.
Dima LighTofHeaveN was playing Dark Seer. In the second game we also
had Dark Seer, but it wasn’t the 1st pick. The Chinese took their favorite
Naga Siren, there were some problems but we took Phantom Assassin
to counter the Siren. When I talked to the guys while being in the hall
there were Loda, some Chinese, Maelk and others. I asked them that
was the use of taking Phantom Assassin. Loda answered that it
wasn’t as good as they could fight with him using Chaos Knight,
or smb like him. And there was a funny Chinese guy who was eating
his soup and shouting that Phantom Assassin was very cool. That was true.
Our guys played really great. It was obvious that they have
already been thinking well on that the great final is waiting for them
soon, there’s no way back and no time for new experiments.
They should just play the DOTA they are good in. As Smile has
already told me in the interview, they’ve been shouting and they shared
lots of information. They found their mental-wise playing style. And that’s good.
As for the tournament system, it’s made like every
leading team in its group can choose the opponent from
another group and it is 3rd or 4th place. We have the same
score as Orange has. That’s why LGD could chose us.
But they chose Orange, so would play with DK who also come
from 3-4th places. I can say that it’s good for us as LGD is the
tournament’s leader and hasn’t lost any game yet and they don’t
want to play with us at least in the 1st round, that means that they
are afraid and respect us as well. We’ll also play with DK and we
have chances to win. The guys discussed if it was possible to
make the match before them right after the game. We have this
video on the YouTube for you to watch. So with such a mood
we’re having a break. Today we’re having dinner in the
skyscraper from Valve maybe it will be some kind of a party,
I hope we’ll have fun. The next 2 day we’re having weekend
and we’ll go to Seattle as here we stayed in the Valve
office in Bellevue, Seattle. We’ll go to the city itself, maybe see
the ocean or the mountains, have fun and some rest and maybe
one of these two days we’ll devote to the training. As far as I
know Puppey made a deal with ChuaN from iG, so maybe
we’ll be practicing with them. Our next match is on Friday
in Benaroya Hall, Seattle in the huge exhibition centre for 3
thousand seats and all of them are booked up. We’ll be
playing on the stage maybe one of the first and everything will
be very interesting. Stay with us, we’re making videos for you.
I’d like to add that there were no European teams on the group stage,
so in any case we’re trying our best. I hope you’ll like everything, so
please, write your comments and wishes for the players as they read
everything and now they’ll have some time to answer you.
Believe in us, Na`Vi fighting! See you!