The power of empty space

Uploaded by bamagazine on 01.03.2012

Okay, so what we're working on here is a news story about this woman, the CEO of a company
that is in trouble. It's a failing company, it's becoming increasingly isolated from its
stockholders and its public and so forth, and it's a story about her. And we want to
convey visually what we're conveying, or what the editors are conveying, with their words,
and that's a sense of, like I said, isolation and kind of aloneness, perhaps oppression
or depression. Just not good things here. And we're helped by the fact that this photograph
was shot against a black field, because black is going to be very helpful in this. And,
the easiest way to do this is to make more black. Making more black is like this —
we just make her really small. Putting her down at the bottom has reduced her to — not
to insignificance, but it has kind of pushed her to the side, made her feel alone in this
space and small and so forth. Just a simple move. And anytime you make a picture small
like this, you're making the background big. So we've made her small, and we've made the
black really big. And now you can see that black really has force. I mean it has mass.
It has power. It's bearing down, and it has a great deal to say. Just a simple page of
black. And the benefit, or the, not the benefit, but the other nice thing about that is that
it leaves us room to put our copy.
And that's the story. This is the headline page to this article. And we're saying with
pictures what that headline is saying with words. And I think creating some emotional
connection with the reader about her.