Making of Quiero tocar - SAYEN (with sub in cc).mp4

Uploaded by tonolution on 13.09.2010

You can back a little..back little..there, thanks.
Camera rolling!!
Is perfect for "Quiero tocar".
It`s was very calm today, we only took portraits...
How it´s feels for you? You where out there sweating.
Yeah, I did feel the heat in there while dancing, it was different...
I mean, I thought "I most act and shake my body". But it was fun.
I´m, with consideration for what we have and have done, very pleased.
The quality is great and the images from the boat are going to feel very imposing.
I wait for that day.
But we are going to be flexible about the weather.
The images we took in the studio are fantastic...are better than expected.
And in general, the lights, quality....
You look beautiful, very sexy, very fine.
Hello there, I´m Sayen and I will send my regards to all of you who supports me and my music.
I will send you a lot of love and big thanks, because you support me.
And follow me in my journey through the music and this video.
Now can you work with your arms right into the camera.
Remember to utilize them when you can.
You know, this is your day so you have to utilize all the "frame".
There, very good!!
Welcome to the videoshoot of Sayen`s video "Quiero tocar"
We are in the first shoot, and we have a long day in front of us. And we have precise begun.
This is my first outfit and I have 5 more outfits.
Camera rolling!!
Light!! good there.
Work with your arms!
Just there, upwards.
Work with the hat!
In front of the frame.
That it is, Thanks!!
Awesome, awesome, very good, very good.
Here we are... 40º degrees C. Wear through.
It has been great work, isn´t?
It has been very good....
....or isn`t?
She says like...mmmmm
Marisel here have have your own company?
Yes, I have.
Marisel Artistry.
How long have you been with the company?
About 4 years.
Do you have a blog?
We are in the outfit nr 2 and we are filming the second verse of the song.
Little more sensual club feeling.
Like I said, the heat. I think there is about 40 to 50 degrees with the lights on.
I mean, I struggle. You don`t imagine how difficult is to be with this kind of shoes.
And so short dress.
You need to much resistance.
Camera rolling!!
Some of you know that "Quiero tocar" means: "I want to touch" or "want to take"
And what we want to show in the video is a sensual ambient, if you say so.
And off course, Sayen have a lot of sensuality to give.
Right now...we can say that we are in the videoshoot day 2.
We are going to do some takes where people dance, between them me.
I dance with a lot of beautiful girls and boys in a club.
That is what we are going to do today
Where are we?
We are in "La Isla" (the island) off course, here we have a lot of "Salsa" and "Latin".