Sweat Glands After Lymph Node Removal, How Do They Change?

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I am frequently asked questions about after sentinel lymph node biopsy or actual lymph
node dissections or multiple lymph nodes are removed, about the use of underarm deodorant.
In other words, Gee, are my sweat glands still working? When can I start doing that? I mean
this is kind of potentially a gross part of my body and what do I do, Dr. Harness? \
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Well, a couple of things: First of all you want to let the area heal well, and particularly
after removing a lot of lymph nodes, most of us have drains coming out so you really
want to let that area well healed. And so certainly, for the first several weeks, after
you have done a sentinel node biopsy or a lymph node dissection, just frequent bathing
will keep the area nice and clean. \ \
Secondly, the whole issue of sweat glands. Well, sweat glands are not in the lymph nodes.
Sweat glands are around the hair follicles and elsewhere within your armpit area, and
the sweat glands are in the skin and extend out into the subcutaneous fat of the skin
in the armpit area. And so yes, you do want to use deodorants and again what you want
to do is to allow yourself to heal up well. \
\ One of the questions we have received at BreastCancerAnswers.com
has to do with does the use of deodorants cause breast cancer?\'92 I am going to deal
with that in a subsequent video. Hopefully we will produce that relatively soon. \
\ The bottom line answer is no, there is no
direct evidence that deodorants cause breast cancer and certainly we want to maintain good
hygiene, we want to feel good about ourselves, we want to smell good, we want to get back
to normal life as fast as we can. \ \
So please just follow the suggestions I have given you about the care of this area and
don\'92t worry about using deodorants after axillary lymph node surgery. \
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