A Pledge and a Purpose: Testimony of Holocaust Survivor Chana Oren (Schönfeld)

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Rachel Ickovics was my best friend.
We even would wear the same dress.
I have somewhere a picture of us by the Latorica river
when we were both taking a stroll [in the same dress].
We were very good friends.
The Czech government decided that those students
who graduated from the Hebrew Gymnasium in Munkács
would be the first Hebrew teachers
and that they would send the Polish born teachers home.
However, the first graudates of the gymnasium immediately left
to study in Prague, Brno, Bratislava, and no one remained home in Munkács.
Afterwards, they had no choice and the Czech authorities
said that the second class, those who graduated, would be the teachers.
Of course we weren’t teachers.
We just finished our studies; they made offers to us.
The director of the Czech seminar came and promised us that they would help us,
that they would provide us with books and everything we needed,
and would train us how to be teachers.
We remained three girls.
Hela Mermelstein who doesn’t show up here (in the document),
Rachel Ickovics, and myself.
Rachel Ickovics married and had a child. She didn’t survive.