Real Love, Episode 2, Chapter 2

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Can you tell me what the hell are you thinking?
I wanna know what this broken aristocrats could do to not lose their house
Ok, and this has nothing to do about that girl, the General's daughter?
My poor friend is in love!
Ok, don't you supposed to help me to buy new clothes?
Mama, told you about the reunion?
Do you know who is the sweet gentleman this time?
I don't know
I don't know when she'll understand I won't accept anyone of her suitors
Why not?
Why not?
Because I want to decide!
I think you already decide
Because somebody told me had see you with a soldier
Is truth?
Answer me baby sister! Is truth or not?
Next week he'll come to talk to papa
Who is this man who steal you heart?
Adolfo Soliz
Adolfo Soliz?
Soliz? I think I don't know this name! He's not from here, eh?
He's from Malta City
What about his properties, baby sister?
Oh! He's poor!
Of course not! He have a small farm which his parents left to him
Oh yeah? What else?
I don't know and I don't care!
You mean his really poor!
No, I mean this is not important!
Adolfo is inteligent, kind and honest
Besides we are in love and this is the most important to me!
For the love of God how do you getting involved by a poor thing?
I won't let you offend him and if I don't marry him I'll never marry anyone!
This is your final decision?
Please, Humberto! Don't tell to our parents until Adolfo talk to them
Everybody knows the Peñalverde family
The General is a good man
He's not on the army right now because he's sick
What is his disease?
I don't know! I believe is his heart and also his legs
Doña Augusta, his wife, is a very educated lady
What about his children?
Ms. Matilde is a beautiful and decent young lady and Mr. Humberto is a gentleman
The perfect family!
It's what I heard, boss
Thanks, Tomás
You can go, now
Excuse me, boss
Did you see? One of the most important families of the town and their son seized the documents of their house to pay for his debts?
Sounds like his parents doesn't know
Too bad for him because now they'll know
Ok, so if the General don't have money to pay for the documents what are you going to do?
You will take the house from them?
A few days ago you told me I have to get married
Well, is not like I want force you but your mother and I we think it's time!
You both are right
I wanna know...
If I like a man who's not from our social position...
What do you mean?
I mean if he's not owner of a big farm or a factory...
But a sensitive man and inteligent
A good and honest man
With a good social position, of course but not rich
You wouldn't like?
Why are you asking me, Matilde?
Nothing is just a simple question
I admire honest men
But you can't accept someone is not from your social position
Your husband need to be a gentleman, my daughter
Yes, I know
But I want that my husband be a nice person, who will treat me very well...
Not necessarily rich
Unfortunate men like this are just in our social position
Of course there is exceptions between poors
But is very hard to find
I think...
What are you doing here?
We're waiting for you to dinner
Yes, let's go!
I told you, Matilde!
Your parents will never let you get marry with a man is not from our social position
But this is absurd! It's silly!
I'm sure when papa meet him and talk to him he'll know Adolfo is the best for me
Even he doesn't have money!
I wish you are right from the bottom of my heart...
Oh, I wanna tell you something!
Just came in town a son of Joaquin Fuentes Guerra!
Who is Fuentes Guerra?
A boring man when he was alive never leave his farms
When he was in town he never join in the society events
Oh, well, but this is not important!
I heard his tall, strong and gorgeous...
And he's single! What do you think?
Well, I'm happy for Rosalinda and others single ladies
Because I think they are praying to San Antonio bring a miracle to them
Maybe the miracle is for you!
I don't need a miracle!
Don't you understand, Pilar? I'm in love!
Yes, Matilde! I understand you
But when your parents find out...
Your heart will be broken!
They' can't say no! They can't!
It would be cruel!
It's absurd you are leaving next to the party!
I have to go, woman! You must understand
The problem is you want to go!
You don't have any obligation! You are retired and sick!
Yes, you are right! I wanna go!
I'm going to meet the militar boss of the South Zone and I want to ask him about the Country situation
But you don't need to go to Malta City to know about it
We know they'll support General Varanda
This is the right thing to do!
It's time to fix this big mess...
Don't talk about you don't know!
I won't promise you but...
I'll try to come back at Friday afternoon to the party
Are you happy now?
Oh, I just remember
I want you watch Matilde
Because I'm asking you
You should have a reason
God, Hilário! Don't scare me!
You don't have to worry about! Matilde is a decent girl!
But even so I want you keep one eye on her
I always told you
But you always spoil her!
All I want is you take care her!
Now please leave me alone! I have something to do!
Starting from today you don't leave Matilde alone anymore!
Every time she goes out you go with her!
You have to find out if she's receiving messages from someone
Why? What happened?
I hope nothing happened
But we have to know if someone is flirting with her
I don't think so, Augusta!
It was Hilário who ask me to do this!
Did he heard something?
I don't know
If you want I ask him!
No, he'll get more suspicious
I think it's better ask Humberto to investigate
But you have to follow her like if you were her shadow
So I ask her...
Don't tease me, man! You are a liar!
I thought this was an exclusive club but I just realized they let losers get in!
You know what I am talking about!
Excuse me sir, but he's son of Don Joaquin Fuentes Guerra
I'm so sorry!
My apologizes I was so stupid, I'm sorry!
I forgot that some people prefers to be confortable than use clothes like this!
Let me introduce myself I'm Humberto Peñalverde y Veristein to serve you...
I know who you are! Mr. Tremillo talk to me about you
What can I do for you forget about this silly incident Mr. Fuentes Guerra?
Maybe to offer you and your friend some drinks?
Do you have money to pay for my drinks?
Well, depends how much you want to drink
May I sit?
I'm so embarassed about what I did!
I hope my mistake wouldn't be a reason for you not come to the party my family is making next Friday
My parents and my sister...
They are looking foward to meet you
You are a lucky son of a bitch!
Oh yeah!
Do you think he knows you got the documents of his house?
I think they invite you to this party because they want to marry the poor sister
Do you wanna marry, eh? This is your chance!
The girl is very beautiful and I think very educated, you'll have cute babies with her!