A Beantown Breakdown | Boston

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\f0\fs34 \cf1 \f1\fs24 \cf0 Turn me up in the headphones\
\pard\pardeftab720\qc \cf0 Make sure Dorchester, Mattapan, Roxbury,
can hear me\ Back Bay, Southie\
\ \pard\pardeftab720\qc
\i \cf0 [Verse 1: Moufy] \i0 \
I said mothafuck a hater, they ain't saying nothing\
Got money all around me, we ain't ballin' on a budget\
Hoes trying to distract, but I'm staying on the subject\
And I'm saying what I want, but I bet my city love it\
I said bitch I rep Boston, that's for those people asking\
A bullet to the heart, yeah that's for them niggas rattin'\
They ain't' trying to see the grave, so these boys are out here clapping\
Look my team up in the eye, told em' I'm a' make it happen\
Just tryna' chase a dream, like tell me can you blame me\
Got kicked up out of schools, have my mother going crazy\
But your boy know the game, so please don't try to play me\
And I got to go hard, why? That's how the city raised me\
I said I rep Star Gang, okay that's word to NASA\
I step up on the scene, you know lights, camera, action\
Okay, here we go, you are now tuned in to Mighty Moufy\
Boston's miracle, 617 engraved in my soul ain't that so spiritual\
Right under the city lights, you don't know then forget it\
I've traveled all around the world, but Boston got my pivot\
So I ride, I know they try, to put you on, but they all lie, but I got pride\
So it's on top, it's Massachusetts till' I die\
\i [Hook: Moufy] \i0 \
Throw my 3's, did that from the beginning\ I walk up in this game like the realest player
in it\ I do it for my city, Boston! I do it for my
city, Boston!\ When the good die young, and hard work making\
I gotta put a song, because my people tired of waitin'\
I do it for my city, Boston! I do it for my city, Boston!\
\i [Verse 2: Moufy] \i0 \
Put a hand to the sky, If you love city livin'\ Said welcome to the bean, where we party and
keep winning\ You ain't got no sense of pride, we don't
want you on the side\ When the truth comes to the light, so you
cannot tell us lies\ Oh my God, oh my God, My city is the greatest\
From Fenway back to Mattapan I swear I wouldn't change it\
But be careful where you go because these kids are out here bangin'\
Roxbury, Roxbury, swear I'm a make you famous\ From the bottom of my soul, Boston I thank
you\ The memories were great but to be honest some
were painful\ I swear there were nights when I just didn't
understand you\ You took some of my friends and I'm thinking
"How can you? "\ But the truth is that you raised me, yeah
you really raised me\ The hard times didn't break it, so it's safe
to say it made me\ I look up at my past and think of all the
streets I ran\ Dudley Street, Warren Street, Blue Hill back
to Mattapan\ Understand, that I'd die for that green and
white\ Die for that black and gold\
Rockin' with the Patriots way before they won the super bowl\
Let me tell you because you don't know, lost some games so I can't sleep\
Aaron Boone hit that homerun, I ain't eat for about a week\
Now listen, it's no clich\'e9 but I feel that the time is right\
To see a Boston kid make a damn, it's gonna be such a sight\
I say these words with all my might, I throw my 3's and hold em' tight\
Now you gonna see and we gonna see when you look up that these are Boston Lights\