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There's aisles and more aisles filled with products.
There is everything here...
...from cleaning supplies, to cosmetics and cereal.
Everything costs one dollar.
Ruben is a customer who knows...
...how to spot a good deal.
I have two daughters in college and this makes it more affordable.
Store Supplier Michael Warshower assures that...
...many customers like Ruben choose price over quality.
Quality at dollar stores is the same now.
It has improved a lot.
And everybody wants to save money these days.
But be careful.
According to Shop Smart Magazine, there are...
...low-priced items you should avoid.
Medicines head the list.
They may be of poor quality or expired.
Electronics without the UL mark should be avoided as...
...these may not be safe.
Make sure toys and bags with vinyl are lead-free.
One last tip from this shopper:
For items like meat, poultry and fresh fish...
...I rather go the local grocery store.
While some products should be avoided at all cost...
...some offers can't be missed.
People buying cleaning supplies, don't care much about brands.
If you want to buy a glass cleaner, you can get Windex for $3...
...or another brand for $1. So it makes a difference.
Saving on greeting cards is also a good deal.
Also kitchenware, plastic containers, wrapping paper, and gift bags...
...for the season.
This bag is $4.99 in other stores. I can get it here for $1.
I get more for my money.
Dollar stores are not considered to be for poor people anymore.
They became so popular that they are on high-income areas.
Remember that dollar stores don't carry the same products...
...because they are supplied by different vendors.
Just take a few precautions and cheap won't become expensive.
Desiree Colomina, Telemundo.
Thanks, Desiree. Now let's get to sports...