Dryer Repair- Replacing the Thermal Cut-Off Kit (Whirlpool Part # 279769)

Uploaded by partselect on 20.04.2011

Steve: Hi, it’s Steve from PartSelect; today we are going to show you how to change the
Thermal Cut-off Kit on your dryer, it’s a really easy job, all we are going to need
is a putty knife, a ¼ inch nut driver, and maybe a pair of needle nose pliers, let me
show you how it’s done.
The first step in this repair will be to remove the lower access panel, so that we can gain
access, there are two spring clips located about three or four inches in on each side,
with your putty knife simply push it in and you press down on those clips, tilt the front
panel out, and lift it off of the two hooks on the bottom, and we’ll set that aside.
Now I found that the easiest way to do this repair, is to pull the whole element housing
right out of the dryer, so first we’ll take that shield of the front with a single ¼
inch hex edge screw, just drops down, we’ll set that aside, and there are two ¼ inch
screws in to the base, remove those, now we pull the whole element housing forward, just
rotating it slightly, kind of clock wise, that should disengage it from the heater outlet
at the back, and once we’ve pulled it far enough ahead, we can remove the wires from
the element and the thermostats, just take note to where each wire is located.
Now we’ll take the assembly and put it on a suitable work space, so that we can do the
repair. Now that we have the heater assembly on a suitable work surface, we can remove
the screws that secure the thermostats to the housing, just take note when you remove
the old thermostats, if there’s any discoloration on the terminals; chances are the wire ends
are in need of replacement as well. Now to reinstall our new thermostats, the high limit
one at the open end of the housing, and the new thermal cut off will go in the middle
there’s a small tab that hooks into one of the screw holes, and it’s just held in
place with one screw.
And now we are ready to reinstall the assembly, we are ready to reinstall the heater assembly
into the dryer, you put it in far enough so we can reconnect all the wires, we’ll also
be looking to engage this tab into the opening of the heater outlet at the back, and then
turning it clockwise to lock it into place.
Make sure that the heater housing is locked into both outlet, and any other wires that
we couldn’t reach, well make sure those are firmly attached, reinstall the two mounting
screws, and then we’ll reinstall the shield in the front of the heater.
Next we’ll reinstall the access panel; we’ll keep the two tabs on the bottom with the slots
in the panel, and then with our putty knife depress those spring clips, snap that back
into place and our repair is complete.
That’s just how easy it is to change the Thermal cut-off kit on your dryer. Thanks
for watching, and good luck with your repair.