"The Story of Suzie" (classic)

Uploaded by TheThinkingAtheist on Jul 18, 2009

This is the story of Suzie. Suzie believed in Jesus. And Jesus is the light of the world.
Before each meal, Suzie would thank Jesus for the food someone else planted , cultivated,
bred, harvested, slaughtered, canned, prepared, cooked and presented. No food would be eaten…until
it was properly “blessed.” Before bedtime, Suzie would pray for Jesus
to heal the sick, comfort the afflicted and ease the suffering in the world. Of course,
when Suzie awoke, the world’s problems were still there, but somehow it was all part of
God’s Divine Plan. When Suzie got sick, she prayed for healing.
Then she paid a doctor, took prescription medication and took weeks to recover naturally.
When Suzie was confused, she prayed for answers. When her ears picked up no audible reply,
she simply guessed… and called it Divine Inspiration.
When Suzie’s mother was in a car accident, Suzie thanked God that mom was only horribly
injured and not killed immediately. Suzie then prayed to Jesus for healing, and then
she paid thousands of dollars to trained medical personnel.
When Suzie’s mother died due to complications, Suzie buried her at considerable expense amidst
the grieving of loved ones, and Suzie gave thanks…that mom was with the angels.
Suzie went to church, thanking Jesus for being so good. When the pastor was suddenly gunned
down by a crazed madman during a sermon about Divine Protection, Suzie was horrified. So
she prayed a prayer of thanks…that pastor was in a better place. She also prayed for
the widow and children, that they would see that it’s all part of God’s special plan
for their lives. When hurricanes came, Suzie prayed and thanked
Jesus that only a few thousand were homeless, and only a few billion dollars in damage was
done. When Suzie heard about millions worldwide
afflicted with all manner of diseases, she prayed and asked Jesus that a vaccine might
be found in somebody’s laboratory. After all, it made sense that doctors should do
the actual healing. God was busy making the world wonderful.
When millions died from starvation and genocide, Suzie wore a special button that showed how
much she cared. Suzie prayed fervently that Jesus would feed the hungry, comfort the sick,
and uplift the downtrodden. Then she went home and watched “American Idol.”
Yes…in every neighborhood, in every city, in every state, in every country, across the
planet, Suzie saw the omnipotent hand and never-failing love of God.
And once again, just before bedtime, Suzie closed her eyes and said her prayers. Because
she believed in Jesus. And Jesus is the light of the world.