Saturday Night Fever (9/9) Movie CLIP - Slipping Away (1977) HD

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Look at the punk. Bobby, get down. It's too dangerous.
Look at me, tony. Hey, tony, look at me!
Look! Hey, tony!
- [ laughing ] - I'm not kidding, bobby. Get down from there.
I'm all right. I'm all right.
I'm all right, tony. I'm all right. Watch me.
Hey, tony. Look at me! That's crazy. Now you're being crazy.
Look at me, look at me, look at me. I'm doin' it.
- It's dangerous. - Look at me.
[ tony ] oh, jesus. [ bobby laughing hysterically ]
[ tony ] it's a long way down there.
Give me your hand. [ laughing ] I did it!
Come back, bobby. Come back here. Come on.
- Watch. - Don't, don't.
You're making me very nervous now, bobby.
- Don't do that. Jesus christ. - [ giggling ]
Get over here. Get over here, right now! Give me your hand.
[ bobby screams ] [ tony ] oh, jesus! No. No!
- Oh, come on. - I did it.
- [ tony ] what'd you do? - I did it.
[ tony ] come on, bobby. Get over here. Right now.
No, don't get upset. Come on. We'll talk in the car. It's warmer there.
You didn't talk to me before.
How come you never called me? [ crying ]
- I didn't want to fuck up. - You didn't fuck up, bobby.
Come on. We'll talk, all right?
I didn't wanna fuck up this time.
[ screams ]
[ annette screaming ] oh, god! Oh, god!
- [ indistinct ] - [ hysterical sobbing ]