Issue #7: The Super Force Vs. The End

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ANNOUNCER: Last time on "Save the Supers," Fleet Foot
ordered a really big party.
Merman was wasted.
The General arrived.
The party was gold nuggin.
Night Knight distracted the General.
Morphman and Merman made up.
But then the General was a giant dick and pulled the
Super Force funding.
What will happen next?
I can hardly wait.

-Yeah, Super Force HQ.
Yeah, I love it here, right?
It's gonna be a Denny's.
Dance, man.
Oh, hey, Morphman.
Hey, buddy!
How's it going, [BLEEP]
Oh, you're here to celebrate with us, right?
No, he's here to celebrate at us, everybody.
ELEMENTRA (OFFSCREEN): T-take it easy, Hemingway.
You're drunk.
-It's done.
It's done.
The Super Force is over.
We're just kaput.
We're Kaputsville.
It's a place, and we're there.
You're out of job, you're out of job.
He's got a job.
He's with the Team Douche-vengers
now, you know that?
Oh, really?
You won't even morph into a human being to
talk to your friend?
You're dead to me.
You're dead to me!
-You're all dead to us!
Yo, yo, yo!
We are not just your super-phat DJs.
We are also your super-phat villains!
DJ DEATH (OFFSCREEN): Now the world will soon know the power
of DJ Death.
-DJ Death?
-Featuring Deathany Child.
-Yes, that's right, Super Force.
What you're hearing is ultrasonic radionucleic beams
interfering with your superpowers on
the molecular level.

-You may be wondering about our master plan.
I believe it's proper supervillain protocol to
discuss it in detail.
-We started small, of course, working parties and proms, and
even slaughtering a few bar mitzvahs.
-Mazel tov.
-Use you laser eyes on that amp.
I can't!
I'm feeling horrible sensations in my body.
-Oh, you mean pain?
Did you hook up with Rascal, you ass?
-We only did missionary.
That the one over the chair, right?
-Now we're going to defunkify the Super Force.
DEATHANY CHILD (OFFSCREEN): P-p-p-p-p-pump it up.
-Villainous extended laughter.

-Fear not, General.
This cocoon is impenetrable.
Nothing gets in, and nothing gets out.
-Including cell phone signals, apparently.
-Nothing gets in.
Not even oxygen.
-No, thank you.



-You usually save the day.
This time it was Merman.
What happened?
I threw him on.
I just [BLEEP]ed his girlfriend.
DJ DEATH (OFFSCREEN): You look familiar to me.
-I'm the world's fastest man.
-Oh, no, no, I remember now.
You're the Speed Demon--
-Don't you [BLEEP]in' mess this up for me, man.
These people don't know [BLEEP]
watch your step.
DJ DEATH (OFFSCREEN): You used to be my homey.
-Sorry about tonight.
-Oh, yeah.
-Call me later?
-Yeah, totally.
Nope, not a chance.

-He was weak.
I'm done with relationships for at least 200 years.
-Well done, Merman.
Morphman told me about everything that happened while
I was in the Night Cocoon, which was a rather strange
experience, to be honest.
-Oh, this plate is dirty.
I'll get you another.
-But you all saved my life, and Hammer Strike will take
these events into consideration.
-S-so the Super Force--
-We'll be in touch.
As you were.


That's it, Bessie.
Welcome to the world, Super-Baby.
-I think I'll call you Reginald.

MALE SPEAKER: Ew, that robot just barfed.
SANDEEP PARIKH (OFFSCREEN): Can I just use you for focus?
Can you sit here?
Good girl.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Let's check focus.
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