SMASH.10 - Opening VTR

Uploaded by SMASH on 30.11.2010

I am very glad to come so much. Thank you!
Though I said before
On the day it when it can impress it for someone
I also think the person who is looking at it to be impressed.
I want to show as such with SMASH.
Do not take away my SYURI!
SYURI is mine!
The life is impression.
In being live in the future
If there is something useful even a little something
When you can pick it up
I think SMASH give you more blessing than one deserves.
Mentallo is showing everyone not to be able to do to us now.
Cry after winning the fight.
The friend or foe doesn't relate to this fight.
This is survival by eight people.
It cannot explain his technique in the word.
If you see, you are sure to understand.
I think that this interest is only a professional wrestling.
I want him to show this interest.
Does the killer who set up the machine-gun shoot it dead?
Or, does SYOJI shoot YAGO dead with the pistol?
LeatherFace comes again
Please apply the nature not considered to his chainsaw!
After this fight ends
Girl's composition in SMASH might change possibly.
This hardcore match might not be estimated to be two another degrees.
If I am defeated at Starback due to the main event
SMASH has the possibility of substantially facing the end.
Still, I should fight against him.
I fight staking the life as the wrestler by today's main event.
A day when today cannot be forgotten must come for you.
Let's start today always because of this.