Android Call Log Tips - Droid Snack

Uploaded by UseMyDroid on 26.10.2010

Droid Phone Call Log improvements
When you call or get calls
on your Droid phone and then you look at your
call log, you now see more of the calls on the
list because calls related to a single number, that happen
on a single day, are grouped together taking up less
space overall.
You can expand the displayed listing of those calls
by pressing on an icon you'll see to the left of the name that had multiple calls that
Or you can contract
the individual listings of those numbers again
by pressing that same icon on the left side.
When the individual listings are contracted,
you get to see more of the overall activity for that day on your call list. When you expand
the listing details, then you get to see the individual calls made to or from a single
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