New Vegas Weapon Guide 4 - Energy Pistols

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When trekking across the Mojave wasteland it is undeniable that just about every one
will be killing countless enemies. While stopping the opposition in it's tracks is everyone's
priority, how you do so and what you use to reach that end is left to personal discretion.
However, like all the games in the series, Fallout New Vegas has a host of powerful energy
weapons. If you want to indulge your inner cyber punk, and disintegrate, or liquify the
opposition, then check out these incredible one handed energy weapons in the base game
of Fallout New Vegas.
Pew pew, pew pew... Well that's the sound a laser pistol makes right? As ridiculous
of a name as it is (clear throat) Pew Pew is the enhanced version of the AEP7 Laser
Pistol. This little toy, while looking different, boasts the biggest difference in power over
the base model of any weapon in the game. Pew pew's damage per shot is more than six
times stronger, it has an insane fire rate, better chance to score a critical shot, and
it deals more than four times the damage when a critical hit is landed. The down side is
how this pistol burns through batteries at an amazing speed requiring you to reload every
two shots, and also breaks down at a very rapid pace. Regardless this is an energy weapon
not to be overlooked. The largest obstacle preventing anyone from
getting their hands of this arm is the collection of "Sunset Sarsaparilla Star Bottle caps".
You need at least fifty star caps to gain access to this little treasure. In the entirety
of the Mojave wasteland there are roughly one hundred guaranteed star caps that can
be found, and additional star caps can be randomly acquired when doing things like drinking
sunset sarsaparilla. No matter how you go about accumulating that
many star caps, once you have at least fifty in the miscellaneous section of your inventory
you'll want to head to the Sunset Sarsaparilla Headquarters. Sunset HQ is located southwest
of the New Vegas strip, and more west than north of camp McCarren. In the main reception
area there's and animatronic cowboy named Festus, who will talk your ear off if you
let him. If you inquire about star caps he'll tell you there's a prize for collecting enough,
and encourage you to drink lost of sunset sarsaparilla. Can anyone smell a marketing
technique here? Anyway with fifty star caps in hand talk to Festus after learning about
the prize opportunity, and choose to deposit all of your star caps. Festus will in turn
congratulate you, and then flap his plastic gums. After he's don talking voice your concerns
for prize quality and he'll direct you to a prize vault around the corner. The hall
to the vault has collapsed though, so you'll have to take a different route to it. To reach
the prize vault find your way upstairs, and search for an office that has a wall safe
and a hole in the floor. Jump down through the hole and you should easily find the prize
vault. This room is locked right up until you give Festus the right number of star caps.
Inside you'll find the body of a man named Allen Marks, and next to him is the Pew Pew
laser pistol. That's not all though, if you check all the crates in the room you'll easily
pick up more than 1300 caps. Also if you're interested in completing the quest that accompanies
finding this pistol, don't forget to pick up the holo tape sitting next to Allen's body.
Of all the weapons which can be found in the Mojave wasteland the one that can likely be
called the most unusual is Euclid's C-Finder. Looks can be deceiving and even though it
appears to be a useless toy gun, it actually controls oribital strike satellites. The real
drawback to this gun is how it can be fired only once every twenty-Four hours, as the
satellites have to recharge. Finding the C-Finder is very easy, in freeside there's a kid named
Max running around pretending to shoot a girl with this gun. If you talk to him you can
buy the gun for one thousand caps, or twenty if you can pass a level 45 barter check. Alternatively
you can steal the gun from him while he's sleeping at night. Now while acquiring Euclid's
C-Finder is easy, getting it to call down an orbital strike is the real challenge. In
order to arm the satellites you have to head to the Helios one solar power plant, located
north of Novac, and not that far from the Gibson scrapyard. When there you must complete
the quest "that lucky old sun". There are several ways to finish this quest but, but
only one way will get the C-Finder working. Completing that lucky old sun requires you
to repair Helios One, so it generates power again. During the process you will have several
options for where to dedicate the power being generated. In order to get Euclid's C-Finder
working the power must be transferred to the Archimedes II Satellite. It's important to
note, once the power is dedicated to one of the five options available, you cannot change
where it is routed to. Therefore if you choose to send the power anywhere other than the
Archimedes II satellite, you will NEVER be able to use the orbital strike capabilities
of Euclid's C-Finder. Which is a shame, because activating Helios One can be done fairly early.
While understanding the potential advantages of the power plant likely won't be found until
much later during game play. On a final trailing note, for anyone interested in the details
of completing the Lucky Old Sun quest, you can turn on annotations or check the description
for a link to a video that shows how to finish the quest for the express purpose of arming
Archimedes II so Euclid's c-finder will function.
Of all the hand guns in New Vegas no matter if they fire energy or bullets this next weapon
is by far the most impressive. The Alien Blaster is a traditional Fallout weapon that exists
more for it's tongue in cheek humour than it's application as a dependable firearm.
The reason, being how the Alien Blaster has an extremely limited amount of ammo available.
This is done to balance out how it's one of, if not the most, powerful weapon in the game
seeing as how it always scores a critical hit. The Alien Blaster can be found at an
unmarked alien lading site located a bit east of Brooks Tumbleweed Ranch, and northwest
of the Horowitz Farmstead. To get this weapon all you have to do is kill the alien captain
and pick it up. However there is a prerequisite to fulfill before the aliens will appear.
At the beginning of the game, during character creation, when you choose traits you must
select the "wild wasteland" trait. If you don't have this trait the alien landing sight
will instead be a mercenary camp, and the blaster will be nonexistent. In trade though
you'll be able to acquire the YCS/186 from one of the mercenaries. If you want more information
on this weapon check out the two handed energy weapon guide.
It may be unfortunate that you have to choose between the two powerful weapons, and how
you have to make that choice before you truly start to playing the game. However, both weapons
are very useful, so it's not as if you're being cheated by getting one over the other.
Though more energy weapons exist in Fallout New Vegas the three covered here undeniably
pack a rather heavy punch. However if you're looking for two handed energy weapons or oversized
arms, one or two handed traditional guns, or possibly melee or unarmed weapons then
check out the rest of the Fallout New Vegas weapon suite from Visage Guides and Kerosene