My Australia: Episode 01 - Part 2

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Have you ever celebrated Christmas in July?
Not yet.
But you might?
Yeah, I hope so.
Would you ever think about having Christmas in the winter here, when it's cold?
No, not really coz Christmas is in December.
Yes, absolutely. We have a party every year.
Do you. What kind of stuff do you do?
We have a group gathering.
There's about four couples. We rotate houses.
We have the turkey, the ham, the prawns, big party, lots of drinks, celebrations, presents.
It was our first time over here and you celebrate it in July
so we put up a Christmas tree in our house and we got a couple of Christmas CDs we've
still go.
And we had dinner and it was good.
So you get two Christmases every year?
Sounds like a good deal.
When it is Christmas time, what kind of food do you eat?
I'm English originally so I always have the Christmas roasts, some ham, some chicken.
Barbecue on the beach, not traditional Christmas now for me.
In Australia I come on the beach for barbecue with friends.
We try to stick to something like salads and cold meats, things like that.
Lots of plum pudding. That's the most important thing and we used to have the little coins
in there but a few of us started swallowing them so mum stopped putting them in.
Oh, just anything, just Aussie stuff.
You know, ham, chicken...
Anything else?
Just whatever mum cooks, eh.
Pie. I like pie. I always eat pie.
And then just have seafood for lunch and then go for a surf or something.
So it's great.
Probably have a big table full of people over and have Christmas pudding, roast turkey,
warm roast dinner.
Do the traditional like winter dinner time.
Because it's always so hot here in summer in December and you tend to eat more salads
ands tuff in hot weather,
so yeah, have a typical English roast.
Now another story about winter in Australia right now.
When you think Australia, you probably think this stuff - surfing because it's hot.
Well, let me tell you, in winter Australia can get kind of cold and in the Australian
alps, between New South Wales and Victoria, it actually does snow.
Now Faye comes from a place where it never snows, so how's she going to go when she grabs
some of these and goes skiing for the very first time?
Faye is from the Republic of Fiji Islands. She grew up in Suva City.
She's the eldest of four children and now lives in Melbourne with her family.
When Faye was growing up her mum worked as a flight attendant and her dad was a seafarer.
So we didn't have the most traditional family set up where we'd have parents at home in
the morning and in the evening and in the weekends.
And so I grew up with my grandmother on a university campus and I really miss that place
because I actually got to graduate from that university.
When I was in university I was hired as a research assistant to do a number of geoarcheological
so I started to gain an interest in research and in general travelling and that's something
I'd like to do more of.
A typical day for me would be waking up in the morning, helping my siblings gather their
stuff together and get ready for school.
Drop them off in the morning, come back, do a bit of housework.
I've actually stopped work for a while and chosen to be in the house helping my parents
out while we're here in Melbourne.
After I'll stay here and hope to pick up career-wise when we do go back to Fiji, or we'll see what
opens up here in Australia.
Will you say grace?
I'd like to ski because I've never tried it before and it looks like a lot of fun
and if I do fall, hopefully it will be in some very soft snow.
I think I'll be pretty cold with being in the snow however I think I'll be very excited.
Yeah, I'm very excited about it all at the moment. It's good.
I'll be getting lessons from an instructor first and yeah, I'm looking forward to my
first solo ski.
There's no snow in Fiji at all so the closest we get to a white winter wonderland is probably
what we see on television and so I'm very excited about being in that much snow for
that much time. And actually skiing.
If you'd told me that I was going to be standing here in the snow learning how to ski a couple
of months ago I would have not believed you but yeah, I'm so thankful I'm here and it's
all very new and I'm super excited.
Put one foot in between …
Skis together, still holding yourself there.
There you go.
Cut, little cuts ...
It's not as easy as everyone's making it look, but yeah ...
Building the confidence levels a bit.
It's been good.
Okay, so we're going to go down.
It's going to be very slippery, and we're going to enjoy that sensation, and then we're
just going to push out to manage the speed.
Then push out and when you land dead centre arch, right in the middle of your foot.
Learning to ski, I can honestly say is a bit nerve-racking but when you learn it properly,
and when you have a good instructor, it's all worth it.
It's so much fun.
Yes. I'm just glad I haven't fallen over yet.
That was pretty good. I enjoyed that.
I think it's going to work a little bit more.
That's good. That's really good.
Keep going.
Look back at your curve there.
That was really good.
I think I could tackle a bigger run on my own.
So long as I know the emergency stop I should be fine.
I'm six foot two so I've got a long way to fall down if I do fall down while skiing.
However, I am interested in finding out what it is all about.
This is awesome. Bulla Mount Bulla!
Tackling the bigger slope on my own will be quite a challenge but I think as long as I
stick to the basics and have an instructor maybe nearby watching over me I should be
all right.
Yeah, but I'm very excited, looking forward to it.
I'm actually pumped although I'm a bit unsure about this slope because I haven't been down
this slope before
and it's the highest one so far but I'm pumped, and I just want to get in there and do it.
I've still got butterflies in my stomach but I know I can do it.
I was a bit nervous but I held it in there and just remembered the emergency position
and I think I was pretty sure of myself, and I hope it looked that way.
But yeah, I had fun.
That was my first fall. Let's try this again.
This is cool.
I mean the beach is awesome but the snow is something different and I'm having heaps of
This has really opened my eyes again and this experience has taught me that I need to learn
a lot more about the world and yeah,
this was awesome and I can't wait to see more of Australia, that's for sure.
Faye did really well there. I am very impressed.
Now, agricultural shows happen all around Australia.
They're all about fun, food, animals and prizes.
Selby is about to go to the Royal Adelaide Show and try and win a prize for his girlfriend,