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Uploaded by healthyvegan on 09.01.2010

Hello and welcome! This is Freshly Served, the healthy vegan cooking show. Iím Heather
and tonight we are making sushi which if we choose the right ingredients can be both delicious
and nutritious.
So the first thing I will serve with, you can see Iíve got my rice going over my back
here and Iíve already cooked this and let it cool. There was some salt in the cooking
water and Iíve added some vinegar and I use apple cider though I do have a friend whoís
Japanese and she was asking me about using apple cider.
You can also use brown rice vinegar, its lovely! I just choose to use apple cider. Ok! So thatís
all set to go and then Iíve got my nori sheets here and I have a rolling mat which is not
necessary but it makes things a lot easier especially when youíre first starting to
try to roll.
So I got all my ingredients chopped up, Iím using carrot, green onion, zucchini and mushrooms.
And the key to sushi is to get them in a julienne cut which is this nice small. The key to your
julienne cut is making sure you have a good knife and making sure that itís properly
Ok! So letís get in rolling and Iíll show you how to do that. So we start with the nori
which being a seaweed is a pretty important part of a vegan diet because its full of minerals
that you wonít find in other types of foods and this is probably my favorite way to eat
a sea vegetable.
Ok! So let me get that rice, put it on the nori. And brown rice is nice because itís
not as fragile as the white sticky rice so when you stir it you donít have to be as
careful of mashing the grains.
Ok! So get just enough here so that we can roll it out. I donít like to use a whole
lot of rice in a sushi because I like to have a lot of vegetables and the trouble of most
people have with sushi is that they try to put too much in the roll and then it doesnít
come together and itís really hard to put it in your mouth and eat.
Ok! So Iíve got that rolled out and then the next key is to get your hand wet so that
your fingers donít stick to the rice. So Iím just gonna get my hands wet here.
And just flick off any extra water because you donít want it, you donít wanna be getting
the nori wet, you just want to make sure that the rice doesnít stick to you.
So Iím just gonna mush this down a little bit and make a somewhat consistent layer of
rice here and if you notice where Iím putting the rice, Iím going right to the edge here
but Iím leaving a little strip blank at the top here because thatís going to seal off
the roll. You donít want rice sticking out on the side of your rolls.
Ok! So thatís all good and then Iím gonna rinse my hands off again now that itís all
sticky with rice. And then doing a really simple roll today, Iím using carrot which
I like in sushi because itís crunchy.
And you just gonna do, thatís about how much is gonna fit. And then I always like to put
green onions in makes flavor. And itís always nice. And Iím using zucchini today as well,
most people use cucumber thatís kind the most common one. I like to use the zucchini
because its soft and sometimes I donít find a good cucumber at the store.
And then Iíve also got mushrooms which I marinated and I think Iíve shown you before
what I do is I put the mushrooms in a covered container, sprinkle some sea salt on it and
shake it up until it gets soft and these ones Iíve also marinated with tamari because that
will go with the flavor of the sushi and when I finish them I like to dip the sushi in tamari
so putting the mushrooms in it to begin with just adds to the flavor.
Ok! Now when you roll, you wanna make sure your hands are good and dry because the nori
doesnít want to get wet. It wants to stick together but if it gets wets, itís kinda
Ok! So weíre gonna start to roll now and what you do is lift up the back, end of the
mat and see where I placed the vegetables, leave me just enough room to press them in
and roll it over.
And then what Iím gonna do is squish this like this and push it down just a little bit.
The shape that youíre trying to get is kinda like a square. So this is one side of the
square, this is the next side, this is the other side and the counter is the bottom side.
And then you gotta lift the bamboo part out otherwise youíll gonna be eating bamboo which
probably wonít be so good and roll it over one more time, Iím doing the same thing.
You just squeeze it down gently, this is gonna press the nori to the rice. Thereís number
three and then the last one is gonna get this portion that I have not put rice on yet and
what happens there is the moisture from the rice is gonna stick this all together but
it needs a good press towards the counter as well as in from the sides.
Ok! And there you go! See howís thereís no rice sticking out here because we left
that extra strip and then the easiest way to cut it is to let it sit for a couple of
minutes and let the nori from the outside soften.
And then it will be really easy to cut so what I do is I put this over here and then
I start my next roll, by the time I finish the first one that I rolled is gonna be ready
to cut and then I cut in order of when I did them.
Ok! So Iím gonna finish rolling these and then Iíll come back to show you how to cut
Ok! So I got my sushi rolls ready to go over here and Iím gonna pick the one on the front
which is the one that I rolled first and cut that one first. Sharp knife is essential and
it will start getting sticky from the rice so you can wet it every so often to make it
not sticky and Iím just gonna wet it.
Ok! Alright! I usually cut the ends off, to get really good in making sushi you can actually
make your ends pretty like have some lettuce stick out of them and such. But in the meantime
I just collect them on the side and have a little snack for myself.
And I usually cut too much vegetable, better to leave the vegetables out and just eat it
than to over stuff your sushi coz like I said earlier it will be very difficult to eat.
Now I like to make a very thin slice sushi so that I can actually fit it in my mouth.
I donít a have very big mouth so our son might disagree. So Iíll like to keep them
Ok! And the great thing about sushi is that you can make whatever variety of ingredients
you feel like or have on hand at the time. Mushroom are one of my favorite because they
have a texture when theyíre marinated thatís somehow reminiscent of a fishy kind of texture.
So for people who arenít use to vegetarian sushi thatís kind of a nice one to put in
there. But the key of course is to keep things buried so with my zucchini I do sometimes
do cucumber as well, different nutrients, different flavors, great to get variety.
Alright guys! We have a wonderful plate full of sushi ready for snack, for dinner, for
taking to a potluck. Great way to get some essential nutrients into your diet with the
seaweed roll and some vegetables as well and make things delicious with some pickled ginger,
some wasabi if youíre into that.
I tend to stick just with the tamari and the pickled ginger but its delicious anyway you
have it so enjoy and Iíll see you guys next time on Freshly Served.