What is the gift of the holy Ghost?

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In Acts 2:38 Peter said:
What is the gift of the holy Ghost?
One thing that's important to see is that it is 'the' gift, which is singular gift, unlike spiritual gifts which are plural.
The next verse gives us a hint on discovering what the gift is:
What promise was Peter speaking of?
Jesus gave the following promise to his eleven disciples:
What had the father promised?
Jesus said:
After Jesus resurrected himself he reiterated the promise he formerly spoke of:
The gift of the holy Spirit is not the Spirit, as the disciples had already received the holy Spirit:
This occurrence recorded in John is a fulfillment of something Jesus previously spoke of:
So the gift of the holy Spirit is being empowered to do something you would not do in your own power.
This power is manifested in both supernatural and natural ways.
This power is also what it means to be filled with the Spirit.
Aside from Acts 2:38 the phrase 'gift of the holy Spirit' also appears one more time in scripture:
One can only speak in an unlearned tongue by being empowered through the Spirit.
The holy Spirit distributes this gift of empowerment according to God's will.
The empowerment pertains to the ministry a saint is given.
And with the ministry of tongues previously given we read this:
Notice that no distinction is made on a particular kind of tongues, just a no distinction is made with any of the other gifts.