Sociology Project about Prostitution in Panamá

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Prostitution is the act or practice of providing sexual services
to another person in return for payment.
The person who receives payment for sexual services
is called a prostitute.
Prostitution occurs in a variety of forms.
Brothels are establishments specifically dedicated to prostitution.
In escort prostitution, the act may take place at
the customer's residence or hotel room (referred to to as out-call),
or at the escort's residence or in a hotel room
rented for the occasion by the escort (called in-call).
Another form is street prostitution.
Sex tourism refers to travelling, typically from developed to under-developed nations,
to engage in sexual activity with prostitutes.
Sex trafficking, one type of human trafficking is defined as using
coercion or force to transport an unwilling person into prostitution
or other sexual exploitation.
Prostitution in Panama is legal and regulated.
Prostitutes are required to register and carry identification cards.
However, the majority of prostitutes are not registered; 2,650 sex workers
were registered with the government in 2008, but there was no
accurate information regarding the total number of
persons practicing prostitution in the country.
The principal traffickers in the country are owners of houses of prostitution,
and most transnational trafficking occurs using valid travel
documents and is conducted through official ports of entry.
The PNP Sex Crimes Unit reported that most victims trafficked into
the country came from Colombia, the Dominican Republic, and Central America.
The primary destinations for people trafficked
from the country are Jamaica and Europe
The stereotype that we usually have about a prostitute is that she
must be a woman, who doesn't have any dignity for herself;
she must be poor, ordinary, crude or unladylike. In many cases this is true
because these types of problems are USUALLY present in a low class environment
but in MANY others not.
There are large firms who sell sex for "the more demanding".
Their employees are the ones that meet with clients in five star hotels to charge up
more than $200 the hour with time and place restrictions.
July relates with pride that she is one of the "the most expensive prostitutes in the
in the country." Their clientele usually consists of wealthy
wealthy businessmen, both foreign and local, prominent
politicians and some senior officials.
She added that in this market there are also those working in the system known
as "Call Girl", whose main weapon is the work phone, location
in a luxury apartment, and the particularity of only choosing customers from
a high financial level. "We just deal with men who need women of
of a certain category," said July.
Among the luxury prostitutes are also those that offer their services
only to tourists, and have their pictures and numbers in catalogs
that are distributed in some hotels.
"less fortunate" prostitutes should support all types of men,
because their rates are the lowest, ranging from 8 dollars and in some cases up
to 10 or 12, for putting some "foreplay".
Among "cheap rate" women are the "street ones" who are those
that spent time walking down different sidewalks of the capital and their customers
the drivers. Diana is one of them and tells that her area is "Via Benetto"
and Bella Vista, Via Spain. She charges 12 or 15 dollars.
"But the customer pays the push," she said.
Perhaps the least quoted are those working in brothels near the
the Public Market and others in the area of the city. Vivian has worked on several of them
and says she has taken up to $ 8 for each "up" the room.
"If the customer comes with exclusivities he needs 10 or 12," she said.
Girls 13 and older have become the favorite of business of prostitution.
This is because of their tenderness and ease of seduction, not counting
the accelerated development of the same.
And as they approach their customers, who generally travel in cars, they say
"you don't want to do something more" as Aracelys said,
"modus operandi". However, she said that if the client asks for
"something more", she charges 25, 30 or 40 dollars, depending on negotiation.
Aracelys said she just got over the age of 15, but
"I earn my money with the men, since I was twelve years. Long before I developed"
Underage persons have also been detected in different
luxury "night clubs".
The prostitution in Panama is an indicative of serious social problems...
from family issues, lack of job oportunities...
very few or no formal education... There's also a group,
in my opinion, that just prefers the profit it makes over an 8 hour job...
A lot of this... right now, also stems from the high number of inmigrants in Panama
Colombians, Dominicans, Venezuelans... Of any nationality.
Prostitution in Panama is not good because
there are lots of diseases, there is a lot
of criminality too and... truth it something good in here
and it should end...
And also with underaged people, because some of them
are getting into it...
ALL (?) of the minors are into this and...
it should end soon.
It's not really about the fact of whether it's good or bad,
but you also have to see the circumstances in which the country is
living... right? Because there are also lots of minors who NEED jobs
nd really don't have any; because some of them just
look for the easiest way, while others do it in a more difficult way, like,
going to a household, work, look for a department store job,
perhaps there is an easier way for each person...
I see it as... it isn't really good or bad;
that really depends on each person, and it goes for whether
they want to have it easier or more difficult...
It's my really personal way to look at the issue...
They see it easy because, well, you have sex with man, and another, and another,
and it's only like...
[Really panamenian expression we couldn't understand]
But I disagree with it, I think that...
that as a woman, you should have a more serious criteria to think about it,
because it more difficult later...
-The prostitution in Panama...
from a legal point of view, has only been regulated,
so that's why... I think it's bad; It's regulation...
The prostitution itself hasn't been... say, the most exploited profession
in this country, however, the people who do it haven't been regulated
either... We are talking in economical and sanitary
so because there hasn't been a proper control of this,
I think that the prostitution in Panama is bad.
-And, what is your perception of this, in a moral way?
-Let's say that you can't turn a blind eye to the things that happen
around you... Because [prostitutes] exercise a factor in society...
They really do... I belive that from a moral viewpoint (to actually judge this)
you have to look at the people who actually go [to the prostitutes]...
Not the ones who have this job... If there wasn't a need for them,
there wouldn't be any of them.
After my trip to the Caribbean, I decided to take a trip through the city of Panama
one of the most vibrant places in Central America.
you get to panama, and you feel quite good, that fresh tropical air
combined with the modern city
plus the taxi service and hospitality that resemble any American city.
I made hotel reservations, via internet, two days earlier, and then looked for a strategically
located hotel, luxurious, 5-stars, everything included, even the transfer from
the airport to the hotel came included. Just as I got to the hotel,
and before giving the driver his $5 tip he told me:
visit the casino hotel, you will not regret it, it gets well after 10 pm.
Then I got to the concierge of the hotel, Mr. Villanueva
-Welcome to Panama!, We were waiting since 2 pm,
- Your plane was delayed and we had to wait with pleasure
- But do not worry we will give you the best hotel
suite to make up for the inconvenience.
I take a shower, and I prepare to go for dinner, in the place the driver recommended
I walk to the second floor, site where the casino is
filled with women of easy life, beautiful, one more beautiful than the other
what let me without breath, is that the girls were not past 18 years
all underage, from 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18 years,
all with big implants in the breasts and buttocks
I've never been to a place that has the most beautiful and youth women in one place.
Without accepting the reality, I was approached by the waitress that wants to
take my order for dinner, and I ask: sorry, a little question,
-From where I come from, all these young girls are at home
studying university courses, or finishing high school,,
-My question: these girls are women of easy life?
- Yes, she Told me, and all are from Colombia, all come to
make money here in panama,
Other leave for Costa Rica, Guatemala or El Salvador.
I told the waitress: -Please but if these girls are minors
for me a prostitute is more than 20, most are between 25 and 30 years,
but I have never seen prostitutes so young or so beautiful,
- Then welcome to panama, - she said, here there are up to 12 years.
I stayed alarmed to see so many young girls, in clothes that barely covered their parts
and breasts, all wearing fine and expensive clothes, many of them
with metallic clothes, and well, to me this is something new.
the casino had the smell of money, all women smelled lovely.
and American clothes,,,,