Wealth Plan TV Introduction: Create Your Personal Wealth Plan

Uploaded by WealthPlanTV on 28.05.2012

HI i'm kerry sharp and thank you for joining us on the very first episode of wealth plan tv
plan cv
i've been anadvisor of over twenty five years and we would hope to do is i want
to share with you that reasonably simple secrets of creating wealth
we'll be using a new mneumonic to help us understand wealth throughout the show and
that mnemonic is go dare
gois good because it implies forward direction
dare is also good because it implies that you're doing something unusual
maybe pushing yourself a little bit outside of your comfort zone
and that's where you should be
go is a mnemonic and it stands for goals goals are incredibly important
Now louis carolyn in the adventures of
alice in wonderland
has alice going up to the cheshire cat
and saying to the cheshire cat which why should i go and
the cheshire cat
responds to alice and says
where would you like to end up
and she said oh i don't know
the cheshire cat said well in that case
any direction will get you there
and how many of us are leading our lives like that will any directions
take you there what do you prefer to go somewhere specific
so if you want to end up anywhere
that's fine if you want to end up somewhere you need to have a goall maybe
then you can live in nice houses like those beside me
o is the next part of go dare
it stands for outs and ins
which is really a bit of a cheek because what is referring to is cash flow
you understand how the money flows in and out
you begin to set the foundation for creating wealth
next we have d
d stands for debt
in this modern world
money is pretty easy to come by the very hot to pay off
ongoing uncontrolled day
is crippling to anyone's desire to create wealth
a stands for accumulation
accumulation again is a bit of a cheek to make
go dare but accumulation just describes
any product
that allows you to
hold and grow your money so it could be cash
it could be bonds they could be share for shares equity even investment
r is for risk
risk is an important issue because of your creating wealth you want to
maintain the wealth irrespective of what happens to you
so if you end up needing one of these
and it's tragic you want your family to be looked after
finally e
e is for estate planning
where the complexity of taxation and law now daand it's hardly surprising
that we can just let that go
if you've been successful in created wealth for yourself which i hope you
will have
the way you pass it along to your heirs your children your grandchildren is quite
and what we want to do
is avoid the implications of the law wealth plan