Alejandro & Diego - 039 (English Subs)

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I didn't add the thing you said, the ipe, ipec, that thing. I didn't add it, no way!
Look, Joaco, don't worry. The syrup of ipecac is not deadly. Nothing is going to happen, we don't even have to call the EMT's. Don't worry.
I... I can't find Miranda for some time now. And that does worry me. Can you help me look for her?
Yeah, I'll catch up to you in a bit. -Okay, alright then.
Wake up, Diego!
Nora and I got tired of looking for you two.
She left already. Diego!
He got drunk and fell asleep. Help me because I can't get him up or leave him like that.
Okay. But I'm only the designated driver. YOU will take him up to the apartment because I don't want to hear his dad's sermon.
Another kiss, Alejandro.
Another little kiss.
Sebas is waiting for me downstairs. And it's best that your dad doesn't see me dressed like THIS.
Kiss me.
You two together again? -Good evening Mr. BarĂ³n.
Diego ate something at the party that didn't agree with him and...
Well, I'm leaving. Good night.
Go to the bathroom please.
Dad, I ate something that- -Pee in here.
And pray that I don't find narcotic traces.
One more thing, I don't want to see you with HIM again.
Just think if there are people that hate you, there are also people that love you. And in the end, 'It Gets Better'
My name is Alejandro.
And I'm proud to be gay.
I never imagined our son was going through something like that. Why did he prefer to tell everyone in front of a camera than to us?
I don't know. I never saw a bruise on him, or torn clothes. I don't know.
Oh my god, he was about to kill himself.
But it looks like he's calmed down. He looks calmed down in the video.
Maybe he straightened things out with his friends. -His friends!? Mario, they are monsters!
Alejandro is in that Halloween party surrounded by all of them.
I have to call him. -Lurdes, hold on. Lurdes, Lurdes. If we hound him, it will be worse.
Calm down. -And if they humilliate him again?
How can we avoid him from thinking about suicide again, Mario.
Alejandro. -Why are you guys up?
Are you okay?
Did they do something to you?
Nope, why do you ask, mom. What do I have? -Alejandro, son. We...
Are you sure you don't have anything to tell us? -Well, no. The party went well, normal.
Like always. -We have to talk, son. About you.
Look, if you're going to scold at me for arriving so late, truth is that I want is to go to sleep.
Alejandro! -Lurdes, Lurdes.
Leave him alone for the moment. There'll be a better time later on.
Hey, Ale, Ale, Have you seen Cassius? Do you know if he came today? -No, Sofi. I don't know where he is.
Thank you.
Hey, Ale. What's up? Where did you and Diego go to last night? Huh?
I left the party soon, and I didn't see him anymore.
Can you believe he got drunk, he left the hell away, and he left me there? You know what? I think Sebas is right. And Diego is too immature for me.
See you.
You got half of the people in the party to throw up, dude. -Keep your mouth shut, Javier.
That was to get the new cafeteria man fired. -He'll probably get fired today by the Principal Anaconda.
Hey, so what? Did you bring my things? -Of course, man.
Let's see.
The dough!
There's the dough. Come on.
Hey, Javier, what does...
"Don't screw with me" mean?
It's like the F-word. -Fuckin' gringo!
He's going to pay, you'll see.
Hey, Javier, what is it you gave me to drink last night that I can't remember anything.
Heeeeyyyy, It's not my fault. I don't force you to buy.
Thing is, you're a chick that doesn't know how to drink, dude.
What's wrong with you, imbecilel!?
But you and I, we... -Look, stop making up sick things about me.
And don't put a step inside my house anymore because my dad has me fed up because he saw m twice with you!
I took you home to help you out because you were very drunk.
Look, if you really want to help me out, tell Nora to forgive me for not saying bye to her last night.
Attention, please!
I came to present you the new "American History" teacher.
She's Julia Madrazo.
Madrazo? -Hi guys, it will be a pleasure for me to teach you guys.
A pleasure would be to show us those big breasts. THAT would be a pleasure, dude.
I put you guys in pairs because I want to start this acting workshop, with an exercise that I particularly like a lot.
Each one of you, looking at the eyes of your partner, is going to say a big truth, or a big secret.
You can start whenever you want.
I love you, Gonzalo. -And I (love) you, pumpkin.
Diego kissed me last night.
I'm in love with Nora.
I hate your brother. He's a liar.
Let's wait for Paty, so you can explain in front of her how you intoxicated 12 people.
I'm only hoping you have a very convincing excuse. Because if you don't, I'll have to fire you today.
Whatever you think is best, Ms. Conde.
Hold on a minute while I check some e-mails.
And who is this woman?
I had never seen her before.
Last night, something very strange happened...
And you're sister is going to have to explain it to me.