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My next guest stars in the CBS hit show "NCIS: Los Angeles".
Oh, that's when we do the dance ? When we say "Los Angeles", isn't it?
GEOFF: Oh yeah... Alright, go...
[music playing, people cheering]
She stars in NCIS: Los Angeles
also in the film "Red Tails" in theatres January the 20th
please welcome the lovely Daniela Ruah everybody.
[people cheering]
CF: Hello, Daniela DR: Hello, Craig.
CF: You look very, very nice this evening. May I say ?
DR: Thank you very much CF: You look quite Portuguese...
DR: Do I ? CF: Well, you are Portuguese, aren't you?
DR: I... I am... yeah. CF: Well. Then, that's good.
DR: Sure. (laughs) CF: No, you do... you look kind of...
DR: Well European... Mediterranean kind of thing.
DR: Even though Portugal's not on the Mediterranean.
CF: Well, part of it is...
DR: NO! You said that last time
DR: and I was maybe a little nervous
DR: and I just kinda went along with it and said "yeah, oh yeah"
DR: and then I got slammed on Twitter
DR: because the Mediterranean actually finishes in Gibraltar.
CF: Does it ?? DR: We're after that...
CF: Really ? DR: Yes.
CF: The whole system of Europe has become a sham to me now.
CF: I had no idea. The treaty of Versailles is *nothing* to me now...
CF: So... ehm... Portugal's the thin bit on the edge of Spain, right?
DR: mh mh
CF: What ? What did I do ?
CF: You're doing that "mh mh" like women saying "you're doing something naugthy and I don't like it"
DR: It's not what you said. It's how you said it.
CF: Well, I said... that thing... DR: I'm just kidding.
CF: Did you go there for Christmas? DR: I did... I did...
DR: I spent Christmas there. Well "Hanukkah" for me.
CF: Really ? You're Jewish ? DR: I am Jewish.
CF: Really? I didn't know that.
DR: One of about 400-500 Jews in Portugal.
CF: So, did you have a nice "Ccchanukkah" ?
CF: How do you say "Hanukkah" in Portuguese ?
DR: Hanukkah.
CF: See. I was right.
DR: It was wonderful. I got to spent time with my little brother.
DR: He turned 5 this year. CF: That's lovely. DR: I know.
CF: Does he have a job?
DR: Like a lot in Portugal he's unemployed right now.
CF: Yeah, that's terribly sad.
DR: I say that with no joke...
CF: That'll fit right in with the rest of the show then.
CF: That's what we're going for tonight. Really sad, economic reports.
DR: And female body parts apparently.
CF: What ? I... I didn't say anything. Aw, that clitoris thing I said.
DR: There it is... there it is...
CF: Why is rude to say that ? Let's demystify the clitoris, that's what I say.
[people cheering]
CF: I think, I freaked myself out there.
CF: I'm terribly sorry I went too far.
DR: No, I never said it was rude. CF: It's not.
DR: Oh god. Last time I was here we were talking about bat crap and now we're talking about clitorises.
CF: While we're on the subject. Is it "clitorises" or "clitori"
DR: Well, I only have ONE so I say clitoris.
[people cheering]
DR: This is so awkward. (laughs)
CF: So you were in Portugal...
CF: Did you went anywhere else while you were there ?
DR: No. I only have two weeks off.
CF: Have you ever travelled around Europe. Ever been around and have a look.
DR: I have. I've seen many places. I never been to Scotland.
CF: Oh, I think you'd like it. DR: I think so, too.
CF: Oh yes. It's lovely. They'd like you. They'd be like "oh, she's nice."
DR: Oh wow... CF: Mh, it's true. They would.
DR: I've travelled to a few different places in Europe
DR: but it's one of those stupid things
DR: when you live in a place you end up not seeing as much as you should.
CF: Exactly. I've lived here for 17 years now and never been to the beach.
CF: I'm an idiot, yeah.
CF: Of course I've been. But I know what you mean - it's true.
DR: It is true. For example: I went to college in London
DR: I was there for three years and I never travelled up to Scotland or Ireland.
DR: I only ever went to Wales.
CF: Wales ? Why would you go to Wales ?
DR: There was a love interest thing going on there.
CF: You dated a Welsh man ?
DR: No. No. He was French.
CF: He was French ?? That's worse !!
CF: He was a French man who spent time in Wales ?
CF: You're a stunning woman you can do better than that !!
DR: OMG. I'm gonna get the (??) ripped out of me from my friends for this.
CF: This is my new face when I'm outraged. What do you think ?
DR: It's better than...
CF: What's the... why will your friends... you know ??
DR: All of us, my whole group of friends went to an English school in Portugal
DR: then we all kind of transitioned to England - that was a natural course to take
DR: and they're all still there.
CF: Do you all get together and solve mysteries ?
DR: We solved the mystery of Secret Santa.
CF: Secret Santa ? DR: There's a traditon at my house. CF: Or "clitoris"...
DR: The relationship between...
CF: We've gone away from it and now I brought it all back.
CF: I know I disappointed you. I can see it in your eyes.
CF: Secret Santa ? Do you do Secret Santa ??
DR: Yes, yes. It's a tradition at my place. Every year. This year was the fifth year that we did it.
DR: We do a Secret Santa. And it's always rigged.
CF: Yes ? DR: Because...
CF: I don't know how Secret Santa works.
DR: Oh. OK. Well, basically you pick a name out of a hat.
DR: And that's the person you buy a present for.
DR: And they don't know who buys the present for them.
CF: Who's hat is it?
DR: You're very irrelevant today.
CF: I'm irrelevant every day of the damn week.
CF: You clearly haven't read my reviews.
DR: So you don't know who gets you a present
DR: then you get the present and you have to guess who gave it to you
DR: and it's all those people in a circle and it's really fun.
CF: Is your place in London ?
DR: No, no, no - in Portugal.
CF: Oh, in Portugal. So your London friends come to Portugal.
CF: And who brings the hat?
DR: this is preplanned. OH MY GOD...
CF: You're really really very very attractive. You know that ?
CF: It's true. You really are.
CF: I had shingles once. DR: I heard.
CF: But it didn't go all the way around.
CF: This is my new thing to get women to like me.
CF: I had shingles once.
DR: So they feel like that "I want take care of you" kind of thing ?
CF: I am repelled by your (??) shingly body, yeah.
DR: Wow. I don't know where to go from there ?
CF: It's alright. You can do anything - it's fine.
DR: I never had shingles.
CF: And touch wood - you never will have.
DR: Yeah, I've never had a STD - it's great (?)
CF: It's not a STD. It's not a STD.
CF: Hey. I never went out with a French man and spent time in Wales.
CF: We're out of time.
CF: You wanna do the Big Cash Prize, Mouth Organ or Awkward Pause.
DR: I wanna do Cash Prize.
CF: Cash Prize. DR: Bring it on.
[Big Cash Prize jingle]
CF: 50 American Dollars in singles. Accepted at any... well you can do that Secret Santa thing with it.
CF: Don't touch it until you've earned it.
CF: Like you never said that in your life.
CF: Perhaps you said it in a sort of weird hybrid of Welshen French.
[trying to make French noises]
CF: That must be interesting - a French man who tried to speak Welsh.
DR: I don't think he did.
DR: They also speak English there.
CF: In Wales ? Yeah, but they don't like to.
DR: Apperantly the longest word in the world is a Welsh word.
CF: Yeah, it's a Welsh railway station.
DR: Is it ? CF: Yeah.
CF: It's Something-something-something-something-something-something-ccchhrr-gogogoch.
DR: That's it, that's it. That's the one.
CF: I know. I've spent a lot time alone.
CF: Unfortunately that's not your question.
CF: Uh, it is... What is the longest word in... no it's not.
CF: You can answer the question. You can do true-or-not-true. Or you can guess what's in my box.
DR: Uh. STD apparently.
CF: No, it's not STD.
CF: You're lucky you're very attractive I tell you that.
CF: And so am I. So...
CF: Well. If it's a STD you got it know, too.
CF: How dare you ?
CF: So you're going to do the thing.. or the thing.. or the box... come on.
DR: The question.
CF: Alright, just the question.
CF: Iceland is in the North Atlantic. It's capital city is Reykjavik.
CF: Give or take 25m/h. When playing Badminton. How fast does a well-hit shuttlecock fly over the net.
CF: Shuttlecock... fly over the net.
DR: Is this in m/h or km/h ?
CF: Which would you prefer ? I can do the math in my head ?
DR: I'll do m/h. CF: m/h is set then.
CF: How hard... shuttlecock...
DR: Your wife must have so much fun.
CF: She's gonna have a lot tonight, I tell you.
DR: What's my margin of error ? CF: 25 m/h.
DR: A houndred and... eighty...
CF: YES !!
[people cheering]
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