Black Jack TV - Full Episode 53 (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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A lullaby by a delinquent girl.
It's the sorrowful ballad of a small abandoned life
and the girl who saves it.
Are you–
Shut up!
Neither daddy nor mom cares about me.
Dang it!
He's suffering from severe malnutrition.
Please save him!
Why are you so desperate to save him?
Someday I'm going to leave home and live alone with him.
Oh, my baby!
Black Jack, Today's Karte - Crib in the Locker.
I'm going to fly to where you are.
I know I can spread my wings when I want to see you.
Nobody knows
when a miracle might occur,
but it feels like my wish is finally coming true.
Because there's only one place I want to go,
I gather my feelings whose colors never fade,
and now it seems I'm dreaming.
I'm living for your sake.
I will be your strength,
no matter how far apart we are.
So Freedom. So Freedom.
I will send you
the beautiful blossom of this flower.
So let's look for shooting stars.
So Freedom. So Freedom.
Crib in the Locker
Originally "Baby Blues" by Tezuka Osamu
Pinoko, can you pass that?
Put this at the very top.
It's all ready now!
Are you ready for this?
It's pretty.
The tree's done now.
This is for helping us.
This looks yummy!
I was just getting hungry!
Thank you!
Anyway, I need to get ready to open the shop.
Ms. Wato, would you come shopping with me later?
I want to go buy a Christmas present for Master.
Sure, I want to go shopping too.
Sis, I want action figures.
I didn't ask you.
Come on, I'm protecting our home while dad's away!
Christmas presents, huh...
That's so cute!
I'll take this.
And please wrap it as a gift.
I'm sure Doc will be happy with this.
Then that teacher...
He said he'll expel me if I cause trouble again.
Let's show him a thing or two.
Oh, my goodness!
Where do ya wanna go now?
Hey! Apologize to me!
You broke the mug!
You better move, or we'll hurt you.
Stop it.
You bother acting tough against a kid?
I'm not a kid!
I'm eighteen years old!
I'm much more grown up than you!
Grown up?
Then you'll pay for this.
Where's Pinoko?
Please release her.
I can't let her go for free.
What did she do?
She tripped on her own, then tried to blame it on us.
Th-That's not true!
She was swinging around her bag and–
That's enough.
Pinoko, let's go.
Hey, are you trying to run from us?
Here's my address.
Come to my place if you want to talk.
Let her go.
Let's go.
Maggie! Why'd you let them leave?!
He's Black Jack, a doctor with a shady business.
There's no need to rush.
I'll milk him for all he's worth.
Stop crying already.
But I'm so frustrated.
I'll show them next time!
By the way, what's in that box?
It's nothing.
I heard he makes big money.
So we won't have to worry about money if we scare him.
Maggie, look.
What's that?
It's a key for a locker.
I took it from some twenty year old woman.
Why take something like that?
What if we go there and the police are waiting?
Don't worry.
I scared her good.
Don't worry, there's nobody.
Whatever's in there won't be worth much, if she's willing to put it in a locker.
Let's check it out.
What the heck's this?!
Is it dead?
It's still breathing.
This is useless!
What do we do?!
I don't know!
Let's leave.
We'll be in trouble if we stay.
Let's go clubbing for a change.
Hey, I wonder what happened to that baby?
Maybe it died already.
Stop talking about the baby!
Who cares if it lives or dies?
That baby's been abandoned by its parents anyway.
Welcome home, young lady.
Where's mom and dad?
Master is on the road for a conference, and won't be back tonight.
Mistress is on a live show on TV. She won't be home until midnight.
Would you like dinner?
I don't want any.
This is delicious!
Your daughter is so lucky that she gets to eat this all the time.
I hope everyone will try this at home to–
I haven't eaten your cooking in years.
Neither daddy nor mom cares about me.
Does he...
Dang it!
He's alive.
What is it, Largo?
Who could it be, so late at night?
I-It's you!
You broke my mug!
Doc, the girl from earlier is here.
Let her in.
So, how much do you want?
What's with that baby?
The baby's dying.
You can save him, can't you?
He's suffering from severe malnutrition.
He wasn't given food right after his birth.
And his leg bones and vertebrae are crooked from Rickets.
Please save him!
Then I won't ask for anything else!
I refuse.
I don't have the facilities to take care of a baby.
Take him to another hospital if you're worried.
But you're unlicensed!
I'll report to you police if you don't do this!
I don't care.
Go ahead.
You can't threaten me.
Take him away.
Poor baby, you're so dirty.
Let me change you quickly.
I'll come back again late tomorrow.
Good night.
You followed me?
Damn it!
He's been abandoned!
I'm not lying!
I didn't accuse you of lying.
Why are you taking care of him?
He'll starve to death if I don't!
Then report him to the station office.
But then they'll find out about our theft.
I see.
You want to save the baby, but you don't want to admit your theft, huh?
But the baby will die at this rate.
Please save the baby!
I'll do whatever you ask of me.
Please save him...
I will operate on him, but that alone won't make him well.
You have to keep giving him milk enriched with calcium, vitamin D, and phosphorus compounds.
I'll take care of him.
Why are you so desperate to save him?
Well, whatever.
We can keep him until his bandages come off.
I won't have anything to do with him after that.
Yeah, fine.
Good morning, Doc.
Oh, my baby!
I see.
But what do we do now?
My part of the promise is to treat the baby.
Oh my, what should I do?
Well... Um...
Doesn't he need a new diaper?
I just changed it.
Shut up!
I've had enough of babysitting for a while.
But why is he quiet when you're holding him?
Maybe he thinks you're his mother.
Thank you, Doctor.
And you too.
I'll come again tomorrow night.
Thank goodness.
She was totally a wuss.
You haven't been hanging out with us.
I've been busy.
We're going to the usual club.
Wanna come?
I don't feel like it.
What about that doctor?
You said he'd be a good source of money.
H-He was no good.
It was really tough to get him.
Then let's raid his house now.
What was that for?!
I'm getting out of this group!
Do you know what happens to a traitor?
Get her!
What happened to you?!
Tell me what happened.
Don't act like a mom just because you happen to be home early!
I still have him.
It's not easy taking care of him, but he's so cute.
Are you still sneaking out of the house every night to take care of the baby?
Why don't you report him already?
No way!
Someday I'm going to leave home and live alone with him.
Doctor, here.
It's a payment for all the appointments and treatment.
Where did you get so much money?
I borrowed it from the safe at home.
Keep it, since you did so much for us.
I don't want any stolen money.
Take it home.
Where do you sneak off to every night?
Are you with those delinquent friends of yours?
No, I broke up with them.
Then why can't you tell us?
Maggie! What's that money?!
I borrowed it from the safe.
How could you?!
Shut up!
What do you know about me, huh?!
Do you have the right to preach to me?!
Why you!
What are you doing?!
I won't allow you out of this room until you learn to behave!
Let me out! Let me out!
Let me out of here!
Let me out!
What now?
Without me, the baby will...
Darn! Dang it!
My baby...
Maybe he died.
The station staff must have found him and taken him away.
It's about the baby found and rescued from inside a coin locker.
What is strange is that there are signs that the baby was being raised in the locker.
How did you–
There are signs of surgery and shots as well.
The baby is thought to have survived because of them.
The baby was taken by Child Protective Services.
However, the police are searching for the parents of this miracle baby found on Christmas Eve.
So you called the station?
I thought it was strange that you didn't come.
Thank you, Doctor.
I'll go see the baby once things are settled on my end.
Merry Christmas!
We're all here now.
Here's the cake, Master.
All right, let's get started.
I'll get going now.
We're having a Christmas party now.
Would you care to join us?
Thank you, but I'll go.
For some reason, my mother said she'll be waiting at home with a cake.
This one's for you.
Hey, that's...
It's what I broke.
A Unico mug.
You remembered.
Merry Christmas, Doc.
Thank you.
Merry Christmas!
As you look at the ground uncertainly,
I gently pull your hair closer to me.
You didn't speak but only sighed,
and wet my chest with your tears.
You longed to hear it, even if it were a lie.
But I couldn't give you the answer you wanted.
If I gave you that answer despite my cowardliness,
would we still be together?
That irregular breath my body was accustomed to,
I want to feel it one more time.
The breath of surprise when I lost everything,
and the pain that binds me every time I feel regret.
The love and sorrow of a false mother and son.
I finally have the ideal family I've always wanted!
A man pretending to be another woman's son
feels more loved by his false mother than by his real family.
Give me a facelift; into this face.
You can look like anyone you want.
Please stop!
Were things going well with that mother?
There's something I must tell you.
Black Jack, Next Karte - Fortunes & Misfortunes of a False Mother & Son
Merry Christmas, Doc.
Thank you.