SRT Government Video

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I'll be asking civilians what they think about the motor voter law
and the four requirements to be able to vote
Where are we?
What? Oh, we're at Wal-Mart Supercenter
Alright, ready?
Uhh, excuse me ma'am would you be willing to answer some questions for me? For my AP Government Class?
Uhm, do you know what the four requirements to vote are ma'am?
Well you have to be a, uhm, citizen of the United States
That's alright, that's alright. I was just wonderin.
and uh, that's it. Thank you, thank you.
Probably shoulda held the mic up to her face, huh?
These uh, let's get these uh, high school students.
Excuse me, would you guys be willing to answer some questions about-yes you too, come on.
Would you be willing to answer some questions about uh...stuff. you guys know what the four requirements to vote are?
No....No...No not really.
18, yeah over 18, you need to be 18. Legal, USA....
Legal what?
Alright, do you think the voting age should be changed?
All: No
Do you guys have any opinions on anything?
Uhm....yeah that's it. Alright bye.
Dude he's gonna be a total douchebag.
Excuse me sir would you be willing to answer...answer a few...alright...okay thanks. Sorry.
Told you he was gonna be a douche bag
Oh you got a card?
Can I ask you one quick question? Just real quick.
Can you, explain, the process of registering to vote?
Are you guys doing a survey?
No. It's for my government project. We're in high school.
What am I supposed to explain? I'm sorry.
How to vote, how to register to vote.
I've never, I've never done it.
I've never voted.
How old are you?
I'm 20, but I've never voted.
You should vote.
I should. I really don't like anyone running.
Any sauces for the sandwich?
Uhh, can I have Polynesian please?
Oh yeah, Polynesian.
That's it THANK YOU. Have a nice day.
uh do you kn- uhm...
can you explain to me exactly
what the process of registering to vote is?
Well you have to be a citizen of the country
first of all, and you go register
and you give your address and your name
and your age.
and do you think the voting age should be changed
or is it perfect where it is.
what is it 18?
I think it's still fine
It's fine?
as long as they're....intelligent.
Hah alright thank you.
You're doing a project? do you got any weapons on you brotha?
Alright you're good.
Wow he didn't catch it
I touched it, I just didn't know what it was.
Uhh okay uhm.
Do you know what the four requirements to vote are?
I believe I do.
U.S. Citizen
No felony record
Living in the jurisdiction of which you're voting.
and you have to be registered
Yeah, yeah that's it, that's exactly it.
Did i get them all!?
Do you know what the motor voter law is?
The motor voter law...
motor voter law....
I'm assuming that's something where you can uhm.
vote using your vehicle registration. online.
Basically what it is is....
when you register to get your liscense....or any social security
aid: you can also register to vote, which saves the government time and money.
that's basically what it is.
and uh can you explain exactly, how to register to vote?
How to register to vote.
dowbuhdah, dobashku bodeyadu bo, yeti dobuka shudobue. dow bun lea boh nukea lashu cowmoyeti, bojshu yabudo
in english, it means, you must.
uhm. i really don't remember where you go.
I've been voting for so long, I don't remember where you go.
yeah that's ex- i knew what he said. i speak uhm....i speak......mbldmb...
yes, mbldmbd. that is very good, thank you very much.
Thank you for your time.
Hey, enjoy brotha.
get your education. get your education dude. alright. good work.
good survey. good survey right here. good questions. government project.
good school. help em out!