Gotta Share! The Musical

Uploaded by ImprovEverywhere on 08.05.2011

You want us to turn our devices off?
I'm sorry sir. I can't comply.
I have got to be online all the tiiiiiiime.
At breakfast I'm tweeting.
I'm tweeting while I'm eating.
Cause everything I ever do
I want the world to see it too.
I'm surfing. I'm tying, and also I am Skyping.
So who are you to tell us no?
I'm putting this on Vimeo (ooooo) (ooooo)
Gotta Share! Gotta Share!
Don't you dare try to tell us not to share.
No we're not bitter. (share)
We just need twitter. (to share)
OMG I have to put this on Facebook!
It's so great. I can't wait. To write my status update.
Wish I could share this with my cat.
There's gotta be an app for that.
I spend all my fridays uploading pics to MySpace.
Is anybody else still on MySpace?
No! Gotta Share. Gotta Share.
On FourSquare, I'm the mayor of this room.
Share all of your mysteries. Share your purchase histories. (share)
I never knew that all of you were so interconnected.
I expected some Facebook friending
but now I see this song is trending.
Wow our song is getting big.
Now it's reached the top of Digg.
YouTube, Tumblr, also Reddit.
Looks like BoingBoing also spread it.
Tons of people just ReTweeted.
All those people must have seen it.
Gotta share. Gotta share. Gotta share. 34
00:02:23,000 --> 00:02:25,540 Life's not worth living if you're not online.
Gotta share. Gotta share. Gotta share.
To try to stop us is completely asinine.
Gotta share. Gotta share. We gotta share!