ESOL Student Roundtable

Uploaded by PCCvideos on 13.06.2011


>>LUCIANA: Hello, my name is Luciana Denis.
I teach ESOL here at PCC,
and today I have some of our PCC students
and they are going to tell us a little bit about themselves.

>>NADIM: Hello. My name is Nadim.
I am from Turkey, which is located in Europe.

And I have been living in Portland for two years.
I moved into the U.S. in 2008.
And I do work; I work at the Rose Garden, which is for Trailblazer.
They play basketball over there.

And I'm married. I got married last year.

>>PHUL: Hello. My name is Phuong.
I come from Vietnam. I have, I went to the United States in 2008,
and I have been living in the Portland city one and a half year.

I'm taking ESOL classes in PCC school,
and I'm very satisfied with this program,
especially the teachers here are very nice.
I have been married for three years,
and I met my husband in Vietnam
when he come back to my country to visit his family.
>>TAMETHA: Hello, I'm Tametha.
I was born in Boise, Idaho.
I have lived in California, Iowa, and Illinois.
And I moved to Portland, Oregon ten years ago.
And I started PCC four years ago.
And I was, I worked as a tutor in the ESOL program
and I'm working as a mentor in the ROOTS program.

>>SALINA: Hello, I'm Salina, and it's been seven months
that I have been here in Portland, Oregon.
I arrived in the US in November, 2009.
Since then I have been living here in Portland.
I've been taking these ESOL classes from, since this Spring term.
And I'm currently a full time student.
And I have been looking for work right now.

>>ANNA: My name is Anna. I'm from Mexico
and I've been in the United States for about eight years.

I lived in California, Arizona,
and I just moved to Portland about four months ago.

I am married. I've been married for about two years.
I met my husband in Palmanista, California.

I have a job right now as a beauty advisor at Macy's and I love it
because I can, um...I love helping people, and I love make-up.

>>LUCIANA: Thank you! Thank you for being here.

>>NADIM: Thank you for having us.

>>LUCIANA: That was great. Thank you.