Malabarismo com 4 bolinhas - Aprenda agora! (Learn how to juggle 4 balls)

Uploaded by lucasgabd on 10.06.2012

The most simple pattern with 4 balls is the fountain
and not the cascade,
in the fountais, balls don't cross from one hand to another
so, to juggle 4 balls is to juggle
2 balls in each hand
The tutorials that are already on our channel and will help you are:
The quick tips on how to juggle 2 balls
in each hand
this is really important, learn it!
and siteswaps with 3 balls
that have the 4 throw
like siteswap 423
and 441
knowing all this
and dominating well 2 balls in each hand
start to practice the flash with 4 balls
starting making more throws
with practice,
you'll juggle 4 balls easily.
In te beginning is normal that a hand throws
higher than the other one
making your fountain's height indefinite
this will be corrected with time and practice
remember to keep the same plan
after lerning the outside fountain
practice the inside fountain
and 4 balls in columns
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