How to Choose All-Inclusive Vacations : Customizing an All-Inclusive Vacation

Uploaded by expertvillage on 18.10.2007

Hi! I’m Rob Blowes from Carlson Wagonlit Travel on behalf of, today
I’m going to speak about all inclusive travel, in this clip I’m going to speak about customized
all inclusive trips. You pick up your travel brochures or go online you’ll see most of
the vacations are usually 3, 4, 7 or 14 nights, you may not want that you may want 10 nights,
6 nights, 8 nights, you may want to split your package and do two different destinations
or two different hotels within the same destination, this is always an option you just have to
consult a travel professional to help you put that together. Now also part of the customizing
you may want certain activities included perhaps you’re a golfer or a skier or a scuba diver
and this can all be customized and we can add those excursions or those extra costs
in for you in advance, you can pre-book golf packages or scuba so you just help let us
know in you’re traveling that that’s what you want to do and we can certainly send you
in the right direction even the right destinations, certain destinations may offer better golf
or maybe you’re not as golfer or profession at the sport you may want higher end golf
courses, just let us know and they can certainly be customized. So anything is possible in
the world of travel these days you just have to know where to look and that’s a job of
a travel professional, please give us a call.