Фейсом об тейбл '~' [Face vs Table]

Uploaded by ThisIsHorosho on Nov 29, 2011

Sup I'm Stas Davidov!
First vid was sent by Norb4kee.
It’s a “small scale fail” from a student movie shooting.
What’s there to explain, it’s pretty clear!
Like they say, le face againts le table!
Wait-wait! A freaking funny joke!
oh, shiiii
Wait-wait! A freaking funny joke:
OMG, did the table died? yes, it’s did not die [monster]
No really, i’m not the only joker here. 80% of people in the comments are indeed more worried about the table. [monsters are the 80%]
I mean look, even his stuntman friends are worried not about him but the furniture.
Oh my scotch, are u ok?
Be a monster, it’s in this season!
Know what? Those aren’t even real friends. We all know that real friends should roll on the floor laughing when you get hurt.
Heartless bastards.
And don’t worry about the dude, he’s a professional student and is simply playing that he’s hurt.
They promised him ramen for that.
Altho it’s not clear how he’ll continue studying after this. Look at this broad smile of his!
Some say that he’s still smiling like this. [broadsmiling (:]
BTW, any ideas on the plot of the movie they were shooting?
Prolly another deep arthouse about the inner conflict of a man and a table.
Oh, and the guy’s name is Oscar. What an irony. [*russian movie reference]
So it looks like only the table got an Oscar in this movie.
[with an Oscar]
And this is Horosho!
Second vid was sent by _barmaglot_
Dags! You like dags? [gypsy mode]
Then watch!
[oh no, it moves!]
Not every girl can boast about having an erected doggie.
That’s weird, it seemed that cats were to rule the world...
Tough luck, Kuklachevs! Evolution is on the dogs’ side.
Just a bit longer and dogs will take *us* for a walk!
[C’mon, let’s go, you stupid girl!]
They say that a dog looks like it’s master. Now this phrase got a level up.
Bitch in a dress [armpit god] - ideal pet for bitches in a make-up [carpet woman]
Don’t know ‘bout you, but i get scared of shit like this. I’d prolly run like a Bolt if i saw this on the street.
This girl took the advantage of the retard [badass doodes] gathering and started to advance the product.
- Such kind of dogs is totally sold out! - Can they walk on 4 legs? - They are now everywhere on the streets down there sold out totally!
A future ace in marketing! [we'll hear about her soon!]
That’s alright little girl, you’ll learn to get the guys’ attention another way when you grow up.
Just remember to eat you veggies [or muffins %)]
In fact, it’s fake! Elementary!
Dog just has a regular giroplatform with accelerometers taped to it! [Easy-peasy!]
And this is Horosho!
Seattle has seen a flood a week ago. [News of the week: flood in Seattle] And that was a sight to see! [A SIGHT]
And those sights were filmed by different people on different cameras.
So if you’re driving a car and two salmons are crossing the street,
either you’re driving a sub
or you were right about the weird taste of that shroom stew.
Or you’re in Seattle!
Meanwhile in Seattle
Fishing season for lazyasses has opened!
Damn, what a rotten luck! Last week I hit a deer, this week - salmon!
- Honey, I’m going fishing!
- Without a fishing rod?
- Shovel will be enough! [dig some fish!]
Hmm, salmon is quickly evolving into sushi!
I don’t understand, what the hell are they doing there in Seattle, asphalting a river? [real rednecks!]
At least they’ll teach traffic regulations to fish. [study TR, don't be a salmon!]
Look, those guys even waited for the car to pass before
crossing, swimming, running the street.
[need a traffic light]
By the way, ancient discs had foreseen this!!! Look! Salmon getting out on the asphalt!
Ok-ok, it’s our funny-money. [with roads and salmon %)]
Just don’t think that all salmon are dumb. If you mention Chuck Norris and fishing rod,
forget the road, they’ll swim through a wall!
[that’s a damn fast one]
And this is Horosho!
nd the question was sent to us by TheSLoTmUsic and T0MInnerFade
What or who are people waiting for?
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So, what superhero are you?
I am vertical puddle man! Coz my body is 80% water.
I’m a “Nevergonnamakeittotheshowcommentman!” And i’m proud of it .[
I’m a Hangoverman! Noone loves me but they know i’m coming tomorrow.
I’m a Suddenly-stops-in-the-middle-of-a-sentence-man. And my superpower is
I’m a superhero from 0:00 to 7:00am. Then i need to wake up and go to school.
And don’t worry about the dude, he’s a professional student. ...anal student. anal student.