How to Unlock Blackberry Bold 9700 - Learn How to Unlock Blackberry Bold 9700 Here !

Uploaded by khrisf on 02.11.2011

Hello guys, In this video I will how you how to unlock any blackberry
I will be using a Blackberry 8520,
and this will work for any country, any provider, any model.
So the first thing you are gonna need is the blackberry's IMEI number
You get it by typing: * # 0 6 *
and a sixteen-digit-IMEI-number will appear. That is a very important number.
So the next step is to go to
The process takes between one to five minutes, thirty minutes the most. But usually takes like two minutes.
So you select your original service provider, this is the place where you bought your blackberry.
In this case is Guatemala, Tigo (or Comcel).
In your case can be AT&T, Verizon, or any other.
Then select Blackberry. The model, in this case is 8520.
And here you write down the 15 digit IMEI number.
This is a unique number for your blackberry.
Your name, and your email address where you want to receive your unlock code.
You click next and you can verify that your order is correct in everything.
And you go ahead and complete your payment, and your order will be completed.
After that, you go to your email.
I am using Gmail.
And you are going to receive the unlock code, usually within 1 or 2 minutes.
There you got it. Easy Unlocks, Unlock Code.
Thanks for ordering at Easy Unlocks! Your unlock code has been successfully calculated.
And here is the unlock code, and the instructions step-by-step.
So lets insert the unlock code on the Blackberry.
So you are going to go to:
Menu > Options > Advanced Options > Sim Card.
Here you are going to Hold the ALT key and type:
M E P 2 and it will ask for the unlock code. You have 10 tries left.
So lets get it!
It is 5665999816267901
Code Accepted!
This means your Blackberry is now unlocked and you can use it with any sim card, any country
and there you go! It only takes 5 minutes.
Thank you!