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You wanna see me jump from this building to that? Let's do this. Hey there Drew Canole
Fitlife.TV remember were in this together. I've got an exciting mindset Monday today.
I'm gonna show you how to bring your experience what you wanna have not by virtue or focusing
on what you wanna have but by visualizing on who you wanne be. I want to talk you about
what visualization is. First and foremost visualization is visualizing what you'd like
to see. A lot of people refer to it as daydreaming, you know ever since a kid I was a huge daydreamer.
When we start to visualize more more we can actually bring things into our physical experience.
So I'm going to show you the best and most effectvie way in this mindset Monday. First
up, when you're visualizing I want you to pay close attention to what you wanting to
bring in. YOu have to know, you have to know like you know like you know like Lisa Nicholson
on the Secret and that is know what you really want, right? But it's not knowing what you
want, see there's a great distinction here most of America focuses on what they want
to have whether it's the car, the relationship the life the wife whatever it may be. What
I want you to do is to turn your focus to what you want to be. It's the state of being,
right? What qualities do you wanne be and I wanted to visualize who that person is so
if that person has confidence that they have success. If they are an international speaker
whatever ways you are being then we need to figure out what you're going to do based on
those ways of being and then that's when the magic happen you start to bring in into your
life what you have. The next up is beliefs if I want to manifest this material object
by being a certain way but I don't believe myself to be that person sub-conciously then
my conscious mind is gonna attract things into my life then my subconscious is disaccordance
with and that's a very very bad habit. You see if I were overweight person if I weight
you know two hundred eighty pounds right now and I'm clinically obese I wanna lose weight
but my identity still believes that I'm just an overweight person then maybe I'll lose
the weight for a very short period of time but I'm gonna get it back because my identity
hasn't changed my beliefs system hasn't changed so we have to change our beliefs. The next
up is emotion you really really want to develop this emotional trigger every time you visualize
so if it's a certain song that kinda motivates you or pushes you to to really think about
what you're bringing in the experience and do that I also find that gratitude can help
with the emotion as well listing out things are grateful for before doing your visualization
exercises is important. It's important to find a relax position when doing this. Now
if you're like me and you live in the city and you get the hustle and bustle of the streets
in the horns in the fire department the ambulance and the planes flying overhead with the padres
game in the background maybe you're never gonna find a place so what we have to do then
is force ourselves to go within and really take that time out today and get a sense of
peace and uh... do you visualization that way you can do it I believe in you. You can
visualize anywhere, anytime, anything. High clients when I present this to my first have
trouble getting that images in thier minds and there's a reall easy way to do that you
can speak to yourself as if it's really happening so close your eyes and then talk yourself
to it so maybe you're visualizing that brand-new cadillac that you'd like to drive and you
say things in firat person more or less I am now opening up the door to the cadillac
I am now sitting inside this brand new automobile I'm now in a relaxed state because I know
that I have this car that I've been working for years whatever may be you talk to yourself
and then by talking yourself that image is automatically going to come in your mind you
can also use pictures on the internet in a magazine that you found or you can also write
down some notes to help you get into a visualizing staged. When you're down visualizing just
let it go move on your daily task and then plan on doing it the next day. Its important
to get in the habit of visualizations. All right the last thing is and this is the most
important thing in anything you do in your life and I know you're already guessing what
I'm gonna say. It's to take action you can do all the visualization in the world and
watch the secret hundred and 80 times and all these other inspirational films on metaphysics
and manifesting what you want your life but if don't take action there's a good chance
it's not going to come in your experience so you have to take action. In fact I want
you to take action on something uhmm we have some homework for you I'm gonna show you my
vision board that I have right now as you can see up on the screen these are the things
that I'm working on creating in my life right now you can do the same thing on your computer
and I want to encourage you to actually take this picture and posted on the juicing vegetable
fan page so that we can get this momentum built up this transformational momentum of
visualization. So build you vision board post on the facebook fan page after watching this
video I love to see you there an uh remember we're in this together I'm Drew canole we'll
see you next Monday.