Chet Edwards votes No on Final Health Care Reform Bill

Uploaded by ChetEdwardsTexas on 23.03.2010

last year I made a promise on the issue of health care reform
I said I would listen the people of our district
study the issue carefully
and do what I believe is right for a district and country
by voting no on health care reform bill
I kept our promise to the people of our district
based on over thirty thousand letters e mails and calls I received
I believe my no vote
reflects the views and values
of the vast majority of our constituents
given our massive federal deficit
and a twelve point seven trillion dollar national debt
the bottom line is
I don't believe we can afford
the trillion dollars in new health care spending
and the increased taxes
Medicare reductions
and regulations that go with it
which is a concern I heard everywhere I went
throughout our district
I respect those who disagree with a no vote
I believe our country needs health care reform
it hold down costs and
makes it more affordable for businesses and families alike
but I believe congress should have passed a less expensive
bipartisan bill
the good of the united
not divided
our nation
I was elected to represent
all the people of our district
I've always promised of the independent minded
and do what I felt was right for a district in the country
that is a promise I intend to keep