Gönülçelen )) Episode 11 - Part 2/9 [English Subtitles]

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Mrs. Nesrin, thank you for the dress. Mr Murat liked it a lot as well
He usually does not like everything easily
You look like a TV host
You tried to be so gentle when speaking that you nearly broke in half .. Like you're from the high society
Of course she'll be like the high society. She'll go on stage She isn't a simple bitch like you
Who are you calling a bitch. I'll rip your mouth
Come on then rip it..
Girls you're in a huge villa. What are you doing?
Take her away
Come on let's go..
Why don’t you show me the house..
The house? Ok
You're so weird
They're interesting
They're just simple people
Actually I think their 8/9 rhythm is great
See.. you tell’em..
what? I was just trying to speak like them..
I'm pissed off. Let me eat some cheese
When they start singing you'll have fun..
Now it’s the quartet’s turn.. have fun!
Mr. Muraat.. Muraat..
Hold on a minute! The KING OF PIANO is just coming..
So how do I look
No this doesn't suit you
But it's your sister's shirt
It doesn't matter who made it. The design or the style is not you
If you don't believe me look in the mirror
I already looked, I do believe you.. This shirt doesn't suit me
Does this tells you anything?
It does. You're trying to show me what being yourself means
I understand. You look like a fake Burhan or Cihan..
Yes she's right. It's like you're copying us
By the way, I couldn't thank you the other day for saving us all from jail
Your welcome
I wasn't coming tonight
Gülnaz said you called , I thought you were joking but you didn't leave us in jail.. anyway..
I don't know well but I'll keep an eye on you until I know you better
Well at least I'm the KING of piano tonight
(Cobra and gülnaz talk about the house and how much heating must cost)
(Cobra says he wishes he had a house like this and servants)
(Gülnaz asks if he would like to live there ALONE?)
(Levent is filming them and they tell him to go away..)
(Oops! is Cobra jealous?)
(They look at the house some more)
(Cobra asks whose room is this, Gülnaz says it's Hasret's room)
(He goes in cause he is curious)
No Cobrettin. I think your packaging is nice
Quit joking
No I am serious
I think your eyes are beautiful Like beads of my granddads rosary beads
I'm bored.. let them play something more fun
Shut up you are being rude
He cannot barge in like that that's rude
He blended in and asked permission first See how great he's playing..
Can I have another glass
Thank You
Aren’t you drinking fast?
FAST!! look around … everything is happening so fast
What would they say if you asked them If I could stay here too?
They would say a mouse has tied a huge pumpkin to its tail to go in another mouse’s house where she herself doesn't fit in
Oh Ethem please ..
Would you like to dance
I'm really upset. I don't wanna dance
Come here
Let's twirl around a few times
Stop stepping on my foot
What happened you can't dance?
It's Bekir who can't dance