(CLOSED) INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY - Urban Decay & Model In A Bottle Holiday Giveaway 2012

Uploaded by missiemania on 03.11.2012

Hello everyone. So Thanksgiving is about, a little over 3 weeks away, and with that
in mind I also want to take this moment to
show my appreciation and just how thankful I am to all the viewers
and subbies
that watch my channel and just support what I
love to do. So with that in mind I would like to host
another Giveaway. So isn't that fantastic. So let me just show you
what one lucky winner will get. And if you
have ever entered in any of my other giveaways before, you probably know
that the rules are really easy
and I'll go through that. But you'll probably most interested in what exactly
would you have a chance in winning.
So here are the prizes. So one lucky winner will be randomly chosen through
random.org and he or she will win....
an Urban Decay Vegan Makeup Palette.
And... he or she will win
a Model in a Bottle Makeup Setting Spray.
So here's one final look, here are the prizes.
Before I go into full details about the makeup products, I just want to talk about the rules.

So this Urban Decay and Model in a Bottle Makeup Setting Spray giveaway
begins today.
And today is Nov. 3 and it will go for 3 weeks.
So this Giveaway will end on Nov 24.
And here are the rules. You must be a subscriber to my channel because this is my
thank you.
Number two, please like this video so that it shows me whether or not
you would like to see future Giveaways. #3 I need you to make sure that

you only enter yourselves one
time a day. So in the comments section down below please type anything
similar to, "I would like to enter myself
into this Urban Decay and Model in a Bottle Giveaway", or something along those lines.

What you don't want to do is enter a generic
sentence such as
"Enter me" because usually that will get spammed. So make sure you don't enter
anything generic because you probably will get spammed.
And then additionally make sure you are eighteen years and older because i will
need your address, if you are the winner.
And if you're not eighteen years old just make sure you have
parental consent.
And then just know that this is a randomly chosen

winner. So I have nothing to do with it. If you watch any of my videos before you
probably should know that I do use random.org just to show everyone that
its fair and square.
But the most important thing is please just know to only enter one time a day.

And feel free to enter for the 3 weeks if you want to. Just make sure
to enter yourself just one time a day.
And if you missed any of that
just read it down below. I'll enter everything just to make sure that its really easy to follow.

So now just lets go into little more detail about the Urban Decay Vegan Palette.
So here's whats in this Palette.
You get 6 shimmer eye shadows.

The bottom 3 rows are neutral bronzie colors.
The top 3 rows have
a turquoise, a olive green and a metallic blue.
You also will get an Urban Decay zero eyeliner which is black.
And then you get that primary potion which has a coppery finish.
So it this is what's included in the palette and knowing that this will be somebody's prize

I will not open it just to keep integrity of the palate.
But here's one final look, this is what you're getting.
Then with the Model in a Bottle, once again I'm not going to open it,
but here's a close up view of it.

This is a Makeup Setting Spray and it has a matte finish.
And the idea is this is your last step.
After you completed your face,
you hold it up about a foot away and then you just pump a couple of pumps
and then it gives you this refreshing, cooling sensation
and it will lock in your makeup.
that is the prizes.
And I think that's basically it. So just make sure you read the rules down below if
you would like
to win this Urban Decay Vegan Palette and the Makeup Setting Spray my
Model in a Bottle.
And I guess I'll talk to you in another video. Bye.