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There are others in the galaxy who may help us against a Sith threat.
If you can find them, gain their trust,
perhaps our defenses shall be stronger for it.
But Atris, she has not come.
Of course she has not.
Atris? But I had thought she had gone to Katarr, with the others.
I had thought Atris had gone to Katarr.
Where Jedi gather, Jedi die.
But not just Jedi... all things touched by the Force.
The last Jedi conclave was on Katarr, a Miraluka colony.
And all of Katarr was destroyed, all of the Jedi killed...
Including Master Zhar... Master Vandar...
Yes... I sensed what would happen on Katarr.
It was I who leaked knowledge of its presence
in the hopes of drawing the Sith out.
And my people died. And the Jedi died.
Master, there is mention of you specifically in the coreward databases,
even in public terminals on Coruscant.
My suspicion is that someone is using you as bait for a larger target.
These Sith are cowards, striking from the shadows to kill Jedi.
I needed a target to draw them out
but I could not risk my own life,
all that remained of the Jedi.
So I arranged for you to return to the Republic,
leaked information of your past,
and then waited for the Sith to come.
And they did.
It isn't about the Republic anymore.
It is a war of extermination,
of total annihilation.
[Grunts as she falls]