World Record Survivor Wedding

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[Wedding processional music...]
>> Minister: Welcome Everyone.
We are gathered here today in this circle of Ventura's Relay For Life.
And are now privileged to witness and participate in the ceremony
celebrating the love, which David and JoAnn share for each other.
Knowing that, by our presence here with them,
we are saying that together, they are loved by many others.
We are honored to surround them as they stand together before us,
where now David and JoAnn are proud to say,
Welcome to our marriage!
Welcome to our celebration!
Welcome to our blessed opportunity
where this survivor
gets to marry his true love.
David and Jo,
today you are making a lifelong commitment
to share the rest of your lives together.
You will symbolize your new family relationship
by pouring of these five individual containers of sand into one.
Each representing
all that you were,
all that you are,
and all that you will ever be.
The other containers will represent your three children.
They will be the final ingredient
that will cement your family bond
and complete your family circle.
Ashley, Matthew, and David Junior,
please come forward to help us with the blending of the sands.
The gathering of this family will have a deep influence upon you.
We realize, in order for the home to be a happy one,
it is essential that there be love and understanding
between the children and the adults being married.
The separate containers of sand that you hold
represent your lives to this moment,
individual and unique.
As you now combine your sand together,
your lives also join togehter as one family.
You may now blend the sand,
symbolizing the uniting of the children,
and the bride, and the groom, into one;
combined to make one bond
that is greater than all the parts.
Your love overflows.
[Laughter, Applause]
Let us each step fully into our sacred roles
as a witness to this marriage ceremony,
honoring our friends, David, and Jo,
with a gift of our presence
as they commit themselves to each other,
within the circle of love,
surrounded by the blessings and devotion of their community.
Let us continue with the symbol of your never-ending
love and commitment with the wedding rings.
>> David: Jo, ever since I met you, my life hasn't been the same.
When I wake up in the morning,
I smile,
knowing I am the luckiest man in the world.
I've never doubted my decision
to embrace you with everything I have.
When I first talked to you,
and I tried to scare you off,
by telling you I had tubes hanging out of my arm,
that traveled to within one inch of my heart;
I have no car;
I'm on disability;
I live on my sister's couch;
I work at the vet for pennies;
And I only have a five percent chance of living for five years;
But if you want to go out with me,
you'll have to come pick me up.
And all you could say was,
Who am I to judge?
You accepted me for me,
as is,
with no stipulations,
or demands.
You truly are the most amazing person I have ever met.
And with this ring,
I have but one vow to offer you--
And I believe my one vow
covers every hallmark loving vow
the mind could possibly come up with--
and that is,
I vow to love you for the rest of my life.
I love you, JoAnn King,
and I cannot wait for you to be my wife,
even though it's only a few seconds away.
>> JoAnn: David, my love,
I am so grateful,
and proud to finally be standing here at Relay For Life,
to be standing with you here by my side.
For me to be standing here,
becoming your bride,
my hopes and dreams are coming true right now.
Since the first moments we sat and talked,
we have shared all we are with each other:
our joys, our fears, and our hopes for the future.
You have given me more than I could ever ever want.
The first time I went to the City of Hope with you,
you put this orange band on my wrist,
and we've been fighting cancer ever since.
The first time we went to a Relay
was Ojai's first Relay ever,
and you put this purple band on my wrist,
and said, someday be the Relay Couple forever.
And last Christmas,
you got on your knee
on front of my whole family
and put a band on my left hand
asking me to be your wife.
And today, we exchange bands
as a token of our love,
as a reminder and promise that we have made.
Today, I'd like to place this ring-er...
this finger... this band,
on your finger.
I'd like to place this band
on the most important band of my life,
my hus-band.
This symbol represents
all you have added to my life,
my vow to you,
to be your loving wife,
and to honor and cherish you for the rest of my life.
>> David: Put it on there!
>> Minister: David and JoAnn,
with the support of your family and friends,
by the vows that you have made to one another,
and by the strength of your covenant,
and in the presence of your community,
it is my pleasure to pronounce you,
husband and wife.
David, you may kiss your bride.
[Wild applause]
I present to you Mrs. David Laoretti.