Survival Kits : Car Survival Kits

Uploaded by expertvillage on 29.09.2008

Now I want to show you about a car survival kit that you can buy. I bought this one at
Wal-Mart. It was, maybe thirty dollars or something like that. I'll show you everything
that's in it that is going to help you out. What I have here is a pair of jumper cables.
Now, if you know how to use these, these are very, very handy, OK. These just simply hook
up to your car, another person's car, easy to jump your car. Next thing in here is a
tow strap. This is good if your car dies or somebody else's car dies, you can hook it
up and you can pull them out. My car has a tow hitch on here that I use a lot to pull
trucks and stuff out of snow, and they never see it coming. They think they're all macho
and I come up with my Jetta. Next thing here is a little glow stick. These things are great
for nighttime if you don't have any matches or anything or a flashlight, these are great
to see around look in dark and not waste batteries. Next, personal safety right here. If you're
on the freeway and you have a flat tire, here's a little safety vest that makes you visible
to oncoming drivers. Then we have an emergency poncho just in case if it's raining and you
don't have any waterproof jackets on you. So. Those are those. Now, next we have in
here. Here's a road flashlight. That dissembles, puts together. This is to direct to people
off the side of the road if you are in harm. It's also great if you are out in the wilderness
and something to ward off animals and stuff like that. So. Make sure you keep that one.
Next, we have a little air compressor. These things are great. They plug right into your
car's ignition, and you can drag this all the way around to every single one of your
tires to fill up all that. Great thing about this it also comes with a little accessory
pack that you can fill up basketballs and soccer balls and stuff. I love these things,
these are great. OK, next thing we have right here is a little self assembling road cone.
These are good for safety also. A little road cone that sets up. Piece of cake. I don't
know if you're going to need to use it or not. A couple other things. I actually put
these in myself. Some zip ties. You always find the need for zip ties, and so I just
like to keep these on hand for different situations. Also, and emergency blanket. These are great.
Just to keep warm if you don't have to use your car's heat. I always use a blanket. Because
there's no reason in wasting gas if you don't have to. So, layer up, take your blanket,
you'll be all set. Next thing, last thing right here. On the front is, oh, actually
we've got our first aid kit. This has got a bunch of band aids, and sutures that can
help you if you get a cut or something like that. And then, last but not least, my tool
kit. This is great. You'll never know when you're going need it, but I have a little.
This didn't come with it, but I put it in here myself. It's a tire gage that you can
check the pressure on your tires. Just in case, I actually have two of them here. And
then, pliers, little ratchets and other stuff, just in case, you need to look in your Chilton
guide. You have a couple of tools right here on you to help you out. So, this is the survival
pack, let's move on to what else we have in the trunk.