Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: Part 2

Uploaded by machinima on 23.11.2009

It is said upon ancient scrolls scribed in blood, that there would come one who could
challenge the very gods, at…uh…video games…and that day has come. Join us
as so as you can complete this Master’s Challenge
Hello and welcome to the Master’s Challenge, today I will be acting as your telling you
the real story behind Modern Warfare 2. The main character of Modern Warfare 2 is CHOPS
MCGEE seen here without his teeth because and he also has a bald spot, which he is very
proud of. And there is his right hand man COLLAR SNIFFER MCGOO and GHOSTY with him.
So one day they decided to have a fireworks expedition at the white house which went terrible
array were black soldier A and white soldier B which they did not think was very fair and
they were like “ they gave us this crate, so what did they expect, and so the general,
general barrette hat big gun was very upset and sent chops McGee to live by himself in
a rubber dingy, where he went crazy and started talking to people who weren’t there,
which was very sad and made me cry, it was a very emotional part of the game, was like
damn you big gun barrette McGee.
So they got some people on wall street to argue over how best to settle this, since
they were all dressed and looked smart and they cam up with a pyramid scheme in which
to raise money and build a new white house nut unfortunately the poor people of Brazil
and the red imperial god of star wars were upset about this and they rioted and poorly
held their guns and fired into the air, not really realizing that that would do nothing
to bring the money back for they were dealing with corrupt wall street officials and so
if you follow me quickly over here, you will see that wall street brought in an specialist
ghostly McGee to come in and analyze the problems of the government and what not to a spring
a solution and he came up with the idea to have a push up marathon with the Iraqi soldiers
and if they could do 80,000 push ups they would earn enough money in order to a bring
the money back but as you can see they failed, and so the main push up’ethoner was
beat up severely for disorderly conduct and failing the army so then the secret service
came in and assassinated the people who came up with that idea for it was awful and the
berried them underneath the ocean in the Antarctic and so as if this would never happen again.
And that is the story of Modern Warfare 2, and within it they used machine guns and stinger
missiles and these things they are very nice too. Ooohh an MP45 yes that is what I was
using, so anyhow if you require more information feel free to break a computer or just walk
up here and see where it says information you can ahh, a button I can press it, oh crap
…. Dude, my goodness stop, I cannot believe chops McGee would do this to me fine
the punks on you, I shall destroy you finally. Come on bring it. Oh… fuck it’s
the juggernaut. That’s no way to treat a docent. I don’t what the Baldwin
brothers have to do with this… (ADLIB)