MiWuLa TV Report Hinter den Kulissen von Wetten, dass..?

Uploaded by MiWuLaTV on 12.01.2010

It was a dream come true: Miniatur Wunderland was the outbound bet at the show "You Bet!"
For years we have hoped for this chance.|
In the Christmas broadcast of "You Bet!" on Dec. 5th 2009 it happened, at last.
Our 1200 m² layout was turned into a fully equipped TV-studio
by the German TV-channel ZDF.
For the first time in our 9-year history, we had to close the doors to our guests.
With 7 cameras we were conncted to the AWD-hall in Bremen, and the betting candidate Jürgen Seliger.
Only for this broadcast, altogether 3 km of cable were run, and about 80 spotlights were installed.
The 37-year old merchant from Kempten had to memorize all sights in Miniatur Wunderland,
and assign numerous details to their locations on the layout.
This gigantic challenge was made even more difficult, because the betting candidate had to
direct the cameras from Bremen via live broadcast to the right locations in Miniatur Wunderland.
Where normally our air conditioning provides fresh air above
200.000 figurines, and thousands of miniature buildings,
a rail-guided speedcam was installed. Thus, a limitless flyover was possible.
Numerous additional cameras supported Jüregen in finding the images.
Out of 1000 images distributed among the audience, Gottschalk selected five,
of which Seliger hat to find four.
Without failing once, he mastered this challenge with flying colours.
He was richly rewarded by the TV audience:
67 percent of the people voted clearly for the Allgeaurean super-brain,
crowning him the betting king of the show.
This was one of the 5 best results
ever reached in the 30-year history of the German "You Bet!"
By the way, nothing of the cable-chaos in Wunderland was visible anymore next day,
because we opened the doors again to our guests, early next morning.
Of course, we did not neglect the opportunity to ask our betting candidate some questions:
Q: What is it like for you to return to Wunderland?
A: It is great to come back to Wunderland.
I am returning to friends.
It was very nice here during my learning phase, that's why I
will definitely come back to Wunderland as often as possible.
I'm still not tired of all those details, and will look for all of them again in the future.
I will always keep my treasured memories of Wunderland.
Q: How did it feel to become the betting king?
A: I have not at all anticipated to win this prize.
All I cared about was winning my bet.
Everything else was unimportant.
Also, I did not expect to win the car.
I'm still not realizing the whole scope.
Seemingly, a lot of people had fun with this, and I'm happy about that.
What an exciting night.
We went to the aftershow party, and met all those people there again.
I got so many congratulations and photos.
It was so much fun...and felt just great.
Q: How was it to meet Michelle Huntziker?
A: You won't ever guess: she's intersted in model railroads.
She even used to have her own model railroad.
Of course, I immediately offered to help her with it, but it's not a topic anymore.
Q: How did you manage to memorize all those details?
A: I visualized being on a journey.
For example, in the Hamburg layout there is an allotment garden area.
There is a horse patrol woman, probably from a hamburg police series.
She's sitting on her horse in the middle of the allotment garden area.
Further to the left, there is a pool party with three people.
But there is only one pair of shoes in front of the pool.
I asked myself, what the horse patrol woman is doing there:
she's solving the case of the stolen shoes!
This way I was able to memorize the images in an order, by visualizing stories about each one.
Let's put it to the test...
That one has to be in the Harz region.
There is a pasture with heaps of bulls.
This policeman is right in the middle of them.
Ah...baloney - he is in the Knuffingen region...-
It's his colleague.
A bull (Germ coll. for "cop") among bulls.
Layout America! On a platform nearby the Everglades.
We're looking for these two odd birds.
Here they are, on the platform of the Everglades.
These are the overweight twins in Scandinavia.
I would say, to the right of the lock keeper.
We are going to Scandinavia.
Here, the two fat twins in Scandinavia.
Identifiable by this red tie.
That's our Mafia Killer
He's on the top of the Tchibo building in Hamburg.
Let's go!
We can't see the detail right now, let's wait a moment until dawn.
Right now, we are strolling past one of my favorite motives:
The little green ship in the historic warehouse district.
We're walking towards the Tchibo house.
There, on top of that roof is the Mafia Killer.
Q: Very good...one last question:
Will you come and visit us again in the future?
Of course, I will return to Wunderland.
No doubt!
I want to visit my old buddies, for example my friend James Dean,
who is still leaning against that door.