WBAK - gingerbread men don't have it easy in "Ginger Potato"

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Sep 19, 2012


WILL BOWLES: Tell us your name.
IMA: Ima.
And how old are you?
IMA: Six.
WILL BOWLES: Six years old.
And you have a story for us, right?
IMA: Yeah.
WILL BOWLES: What is this story called?
IMA: The Ginger Potato.

Once upon a time there was a gingerbread man named Gumdrop.

And he lived in a candy house, like a regular house but
little and it's just made out of candy.
And they put a fruit roll up for the rug.
He gets food from the trees like apples.
And he lived next to a boy.
WILL BOWLES: And what is his name?
IMA: Potato.
IMA: He has a shirt, a white shirt that has a
gingerbread man on it.
The first time he saw him, he's like, hi.
Then all of a sudden, he was like, gingerbread man!
He just stares at him.
And he started chasing him.
So he's like, uh oh.
And he ran back into his house.
The next day Gumdrop puts perfume on him, because Potato
smells him.
So he puts perfume on him so he doesn't smell like it.
JOSH FLAUM: Like a gingerbread man.
IMA: Yeah.
And then he sneaks across and climbs up the tree.
And all of a sudden Potato sees him because
he's so high up.
Potato says, get down here to Gumdrop.
JOSH FLAUM: And what does Gumdrop say?
IMA: He gets ignores him.
He just goes like, mm mm mhm!
I'm not going to go down there!
He gets a ladder and tries to climb up, but Gumdrop keeps on
dropping apples on his head and he falls down.
He jumps on his head and he starts chasing after him as he
runs back into the house.
And the roof is like a candy cane, because
it's a candy house.
And he took it off, and then he started poking
the door with it.
And then he just grabbed the house,
looked inside the window.
And then Potato ate.

Potato's mom was like, time to come.
And he was like, no!
Because he wanted to get more gingerbread men.
And it was like, if you finish your food, I'll make you
gingerbread men!
It's like, yeah, he's stuck in the house.
And then Gumdrop's like, phew.
And he wanted to take a vacation in the middle of the
night, because then Potato wasn't going to be there, and
he wanted to never see Potato again.
WILL BOWLES: Where did he go on vacation?
IMA: New York.
JOSH FLAUM: What did he do while he was in New York?
He just was like, OK, I'm just going to buy a house over here
and live here.
And he just never saw Potato again.
And then, when he was there, next to his apartment there
was a girl that was named Potato, too.
And she loved gingerbread men, too, and then she started
chasing him all around too.

The end.
The cycle of horror continues.