Transportation Management Services

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>>When failure is not an option,
successfully moving tens of thousands of attendees
is no small task.
But imagine this.
Transportation fleets organized and run so well
that huge crowds like this, within minutes,
are quickly boarded on buses
to their conferences, meetings, and special events,
all efficiently planned,
organized and executed, by the experts
at Transportation Management Services.
With more than 40 years of combined experience
among its founders,
the seasoned professionals at TMS
have successfully managed the transportation needs
for hundreds of major events worldwide,
involving millions of attendees
in various countries around the world.
TMS specializes in the transportation component
for City Wide Shuttle, conventions,
tradeshows, corporate events,
and world-class sporting events.
There is no job too complex
or too challenging for TMS.
At the Asian Games, which was second
only in size to the Summer Olympic Games,
TMS fulfilled all Games' bus transportation duties
over the duration of two years,
while operating in the world's
most multi-cultural environment.
TMS assisted the Qatar National Transportation Company,
Mowasalat, to grow from four buses
to 1,200 buses.
At the National WWII Memorial Dedication ceremonies,
TMS moved over 110,000 attendees.
In fact, 90,000 of them were over the age of 80,
with a high percentage
needing specialized assistance.
So whether your event is moving 2,000 people,
or 500,000, TMS will help you move them
quickly, efficiently and safely.
>> Our focus is on making things
easier for our customers.
And a better experience for their attendees.
And to do that, we try to handle everything
to do with transportation
so they can focus
on all the other stuff they need to do
to make their event a success.
>> So how did the professionals
at TMS do it?
By using state-of-the-art planning procedures
and technology, including GPS and communication systems.
TMS' development, planning and delivery
are unmatched in the industry.
They use TransTrack proprietary methodology
to develop a detailed project plan
custom designed for every event.
This is achieved in five phases:
Needs Assessment, Detail Planning,
Implementation, Delivery, and After Action.
TMS also coordinates all logistics
with event organizers and local officials.
And they provide route directions,
driver training, and signage.
>> Uh...
TMS is a, uh, first class operation.
They're always there when you need them.
They're out in front of problems,
and uh, uh...
Really the best transportation firm
that I've worked with,
uh, in my career of the trade show industry.
>>TMS installs portable GPS tracking devices
in buses for complex events.
These devices include proprietary software
that not only track a bus' location,
but also, notify the operations center
if a bus is off-schedule.
In addition, field personnel use trio systems
and palm-held devices,
with software links to the operations center.
This provides real-time data each day
for bus movements and ridership.
>>TMS is constantly investing
in the very latest technology,
to take what is traditionally
a low-tech industry,
into the very best results for our clients.
>>The transportation experts at TMS take pride
in their customer service
and their attention to detail.
In fact, many customers consider TMS staff members
as an extension of their own team.
The company's extensive client list has included
such large convention and trade show groups
as the National Association of Broadcasters, Magic,
and the National Association of Homebuilders.
>>I've used some other companies that were
kind of hit-or-miss.
But with Transportation Management Services,
the job is always done,
and it's always done perfectly.
>>TMS is ready to take on the transportation needs
for your next event.
Moving crowds is what they do best.
TMS is the leader in event transportation.
When it simply has to go right,
TMS is the only choice.
Event transportation simplified.