Lawrence O'Donnell Kicks Orly Taitz Off His Show, Sarah Palin = Sharia Plan...Conspiracy?

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David: Rampage...
Louis: You can't do that.
David: Hold-- it's interesting you mention the words "rampage", "upset", and "delusional".
Let me give you another example here, Louis. Birther Queen and King, apparently, given
her various credentials, dentist, lawyer, real estate agent, Orly Taitz, Queen of the
Birther Movement, she went on the Lawrence O'Donnell show last night, let's see what
she has to say about this. Let's see.
Lawrence O'Donnell: Now, there is now no longer not an inch of room for any sane doubt about
the time and the place of Barack Obama's birth or his parentage or the fact that he is a
natural-born citizen of the United States of America. Are you now ready to apologize
for the crusade that you have mounted against those simple truths?
Orly Taitz: Well, I hope I will have... I hope I will have time to respond...
David: Here we go.
Taitz: Which I did not have an opportunity to do before.
Louis: We know how long she can go on, though.
Taitz: And I believe that Obama's statement today is nothing but a preemptive strike.
We do have a court hearing coming Monday morning at 9:00 in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.
And the reason he is talking...
David: By the way, if you can see Lawrence O'Donnell's face at this point, I mean, he
is completely just awestruck by what is taking place. And now Orly Taitz pulls out another
document and asks for a zoom on it.
Taitz: ... about this issue, if I can have a close up, is because at this hearing and
two other hearings, I'm providing documents... can I have a close up, please, sir? Sir? Are
you there?
O'Donnell: Tell us what the document is.
Taitz: OK, this is Barack Obama's... can you do a close up? I need to show this. Can you
O'Donnell: Tell us what the document is.
Taitz: This is Barack Obama's Selective Service Certificate.
O'Donnell: OK.
David: You realize this was on national television? This is not "Saturday Night Live". This is
actually the news program, the Lawrence O'Donnell show.
Louis: I'm aware. Yeah. [Laughs]
Taitz: If you look at it...
O'Donnell: Yeah, we don't have to see it. Never mind.
Taitz: Yeah, and it shows...
O'Donnell: I want you to talk about the birth certificate that you saw today.
Taitz: Well, sir, let me respond. OK.
O'Donnell: I want you to... That... the selective service has nothing to do with proving his
Taitz: Absolutely...
O'Donnell: I want you to talk about the birth certificate you saw today for the first time
in your life. Do you accept the veracity of the birth certificate you saw today for the
first time in your life?
Taitz: OK, what... OK, first of all...
O'Donnell: Yes or no on the birth certificate?
Taitz: See...
David: I love it.
O'Donnell: Is that his birth certificate? Do you accept that?
Taitz: OK, are you going to let me speak?
O'Donnell: No. I am not going to let you talk about anything...
Taitz: OK, so why... OK, so what I hear is your program is but Obama... Obama propaganda
O'Donnell: Listen, you have to tell me whether you accept the truth of that birth certificate.
Taitz: Let me... let me... let me respond.
O'Donnell: No, no, no. Orly Taitz, you're not going to do... no, this is not where you
come to do your madness.
Taitz: Barack Obama is committing Social Security fraud, which is a felony. Anybody else would
be sitting in prison for what Barack Obama is doing. Do you understand this? And yelling
is not going to help. It's not going to change anything. Can you do a close-up of this?
O'Donnell: [Simultaneous] No, you're not going to talk about your nonsense. I want you to
talk about the thing you've never seen before in your life. You begged for this. You begged
for this document. You got this document. Talk about the document that entered your
life today and proved...
David: [Laughs] She's back, by the way. The screaming only makes her call for camera movement.
With Orly Taitz, as opposed to responding to screaming, it makes her call for specific
camera movements.
O'Donnell: ... that you were a liar. Talk about that document.
Taitz: Barack Obama is a liar. He is committing a serious crime.
O'Donnell: Was he born in Hawaii, according... do you believe he was born in Hawaii according
to the truth of that birth certificate?
Taitz: He is committing Social Security fraud. Stop yelling, behave like a human being.
O'Donnell: Will you talk about his birth certificate?
Taitz: Can you behave like a human being?
O'Donnell: Will you talk about his birth certificate?
Taitz: I hear that Harvard is not preparing human beings. This is Barack Obama's-- this
is a Social Security verification service saying...
O'Donnell: So you are coming on this show and you're not going to talk about his birth
Taitz: Saying that Barack Obama is committing Social Security fraud.
O'Donnell: Orly Taitz, are you going to talk about his birth certificate?
Taitz: And the Social Security number that Barack Obama is using...
O'Donnell: All right, that's it. Get her out of here. Get her off this show. Get out.
Taitz: Is not... [laughs] is not the number that was assigned to him. Everybody else would...
O'Donnell: If you're not going to talk about the birth certificate, Orly Taitz, go home.
You're fired. Go play with Donald Trump. Look...
David: Wow, I mean, Louis, that's some of the best video we've seen in a while, but
you know what? Nothing has been put to rest. Orly Taitz is as crazy as ever.
Louis: OK.
David: By the way, we tried to get her on today, to figure-- I wanted to ask the same
Louis: No, you should know better than trying to get her on.
David: She is involved...
Louis: She is the dumbest interviewee we've ever had on the show.
David: No, but I could talk at the same...
Louis: And all that she does is just go on and on and on about things you don't even
ask her about.
David: Well, but I figured I could do...
Louis: No.
David: Like Lawrence O'Donnell, I could talk at the same time, and then even though if
she's saying nothing, I could be maybe saying something while she's on. She would just be
Louis: I'm not into it.
David: OK. So clearly nothing has been put to bed here.
Louis: OK, well, I think this is the beginning of the end of the birther issue.
David: The beginning of the end?
Louis: Yes.
David: Well, I guess that when it... yeah. I don't know. By the way, put up the doctored
birth certificate. This is from... I don't even remember where this is from, but it's
all marked up with what is wrong with this birth certificate. And it's really pretty
funny. It's... I mean, it's literally... it takes into consideration all of the different
reactions people will have, everything from, you know, there's a smudge in a box, the guy
who signed the document died eight years ago, there's a number 41 on the document that looks
So this is not going to solve anything. Barack Obama made a mistake. I think it is time,
rather than to continue... I don't even know, humoring the birther movement, it's time to
come up with some other theories. Like for example, Louis, Sarah Palin, do you know what
that spells if you rearrange the letters in her name?
Louis: No.
David: Sharia Plan. OK? Do we not need to be looking into that, ladies and gentlemen?
Why is it that Sarah Palin's name, when anagrammed, spells "Sharia Plan"? I think there are serious
questions there. She's never addressed it, she has never denounced that that is...
Louis: She's Muslim.
David: She has never said anything to address that. And to me, it's notably missing from
the national dialogue. Also, what was Jesus doing from age 13 to 30? The Bible is not
clear on it. It's just not... we just don't know. I'm not saying anything specific, Louis,
but the Bible's just not clear on it. Was he wrestling dinosaurs? Literalists would
have us believe they were on the Earth at the same time as people. There are a lot of
other questions here that I think we need to be focused on.
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