Batman Dark Knight Rises Android Review played on Samsung Galaxy S3 Androidizen

Uploaded by TheAndroidizen on 24.07.2012

So you've got a guy up there, we're going to pull him off the top of there
then we're going to kick his ass
Quite a dark game, ironically enough, it being a Batman game
so you know, it's not going to be a good one to play in direct sunlight, let's put it that way.
Very, very difficult to play in direct sunlight.
or even....oh here we go, a bit of a glide.
if you go too far off the markers that it's given you,
it will pull you back, you've got to follow everything in sequence.
if you notice, as I move my reticle around I get a lock on point and at that point
down here
I've then got access to the...whoops...
Right, let's do some flying.
So there's quite a few different types of sequence you have to complete in Batman
There's Batman being able to fly, and you can use this in the Openworld area, you can use it to move around buildings, it's quite a cool effect, know what I mean?
That's stage one complete.
If you can tell,
if you can see on the footage, you'll actually notice that it's raining
There's water running down Batman's cape and his helmet
or whatever you want to call it.
Yes, that was Batman crushing a car.
He's just that cool. Batman moment, there to relish.
So the fighting's a bit button bashing
You basically just keep hitting that one
and when you reach a certain level of
having whooped their asses, they'll fall down
You've also got a counter move there. If you get hacked from behind, a counter button popped up.
and that allowed me to block the other guy's attack.
They've not done a bad job on the Anne Hathaway
Not quite as cool as Batman though
They've obviously spent a lot of time on Batman.
Like I say, if you haven't
seen the film yet
the game does reveal an awful lot of plot from what I can tell
I've not seen the film
competely myself yet
So I'm using this as a bit of an intro
It's like a little bit
of an openworld section.
You've actually got to get it all the way over there, there's a few different ways we can do it.
We can either run across the rooftops or
alternatively, we can fly. And actually, do a combination of the two
and get the angle just right. I can then switch, whilst I'm flying, to that.
Across the city.
They've done a really good job on the
recreation of Gotham
as well.
Currently a fiver
on the playstore. I think that's probably reasonable.
It's a reasonable amount of money.
There's a lot of content in here
You are in essence getting to play the story from the game for a fiver
which isn't too bad.
I find some of the levels
a bit frustratingly hard in places.. It's like the ai is a bit too aggressive.
Doesn't really give you an opportunity to figure out what the heck you'd need to do
Plus then the controls of Batman and everything else, you find you're just fighting
enemies wall after wall after wall.
for quite a while and then they just overwhelm you.
So that is Batman.
Think we'll leave it there for now. Don't want to spoil too much of the game, but as you can see
beautiful graphics
The gameplay is pretty good
It has that kind of Arkum
feel to it
If you've played any of the
games on the console or the PC
of the newer Batman titles
It feels very similar to that, being able to jump around between
various elements of the world environment. Anyway, that is Batman!