West Wing Week: 06/02/11 or "One Step at a Time"

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♪♪ (Drum and Bugle Corps) ♪♪
Narrator: Welcome to the West Wing Week, your guide to everything that's
happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
In the wake of historic and deadly tornadoes,
President Obama traveled to Joplin, Missouri, this week
to see the devastation, visit with folks in the community who
lost so much and speak at a memorial service for
those who lost their lives.
Before arriving in Joplin, the President finished his week-long
trip to Europe and Poland.
On Memorial Day, he visited Arlington National Cemetery.
That's May 27th to June 2nd, or "One Step at a Time!"
The President: It's going to be tough rebuilding but we're going
to be there with you.
All right?
Tornado Victim: One step at a time is all we can do.
The President: We're going to keep on being there. All right?
God bless you.
Tornado Victim: Thank you for everything. And bless you!
Narrator: On Friday, May 27th, President Obama arrived
in Warsaw, Poland, where he finished off a six-day
trip to Europe.
In Warsaw, the President engaged in bilateral meetings with
President Komorowski of Poland to discuss strengthening the
U.S./Polish alliance and partnership for
the 21st Century.
Because of its extraordinary success both as a democracy
and as a market-based economy, Poland is a model and example
for nations around the world working to build
a stronger democracy.
The President: One of the reasons I wanted to visit Poland --
Interpreter: (translated to Polish)
The President: -- in addition to Warsaw being beautiful --
Interpreter: (translated to Polish)
The President: -- was this is such an important model for success,
for democracy, and markets and integration.
Interpreter: (translated to Polish)
Narrator: He also got a chance to visit sites of remembrance
including the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier,
the Memorial to the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising,
and the Field Cathedral of the Polish Army where he visited a
memorial to the victims of the plane crash that killed
President Kaczynski, his wife and much of Poland's military
leadership last year.
On Sunday, May 29th, President Obama traveled to Joplin,
Missouri, to see the devastation of the tornadoes firsthand.
He was met by Missouri Governor Jane Nixon and
other elected officials, FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate,
and the people of Joplin.
The President: How long did it last?
Tornado Victims in Unison: Seemed like forever!
The President: Thank God you guys are all right.
Tornado Victim: Yes, sir.
The President: And --
Tornado Victim: It sure is nice to see you.
The President: Well, I tell you, I was telling these folks,
we're going to be here, after the cameras go,
we will keep on helping you guys rebuild.
Narrator: After touring neighborhoods hit by the storm, the President
talked about some of the folks he had a chance to meet.
The President: I met an 85-year-old gentleman who has a --
still has a lawn service, who explained how he had just gotten
his chicken potpie out and the storm started coming and he went
into the closet and came out without a scratch.
Narrator: He then went to a memorial service led by local clergy
and Missouri Governor Jane Nixon.
At the memorial service, the President delivered a promise
to the community that had been hit so hard.
The President: There's no doubt in my mind what the people of
this community can do.
There's no doubt in my mind that Joplin will rebuild.
And as President, I can promise you your country will be there
with you every single step of the way.
We will be with you every step of the way!
We're not going anywhere!
Narrator: On may 30th, President Obama spent Memorial Day
at Arlington National Cemetery.
But first he announced the nomination of General Dempsey
to be the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.
Admiral Winnefeld to be Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.
And General Odierno as our Army Chief of Staff.
And urged the Senate to confirm them as swiftly as possible.
The President: The leadership that each of you have shown has just
been remarkable and so I'm very proud that you guys are
going to be part of the team giving me good advice.
Narrator: The President then traveled to Arlington National Cemetery
where he participated in the traditional wreath-laying
ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknowns and spoke to Americans
paying their respects on those hallowed grounds.
♪♪ (Hail to the Chief) ♪♪
The President: Our nation owes a debt to its fallen heroes that we
can never fully repay.
But we can honor their sacrifice.
And we must.
Narrator: He also stopped at Section 60 where the President paid
respects to servicemen and women who died in the conflicts
in Iraq and Afghanistan.
On Tuesday, May 31st, President Obama announced the nomination
of John Bryson as the next Commerce Secretary.
Mr. Bryson, who bring a range of national and international
corporate and nonprofit experience to the job,
will replace Gary Locke and take his role as a top economic
advisor to the President.
The President: Nothing has prepared him more for this demanding role,
a role that requires delicate diplomacy,
complex negotiations, and careful management of folks
with strong views, than being the father of four daughters!
Narrator: On Wednesday, June 1st, President Obama met with
the House Republican Conference in the East
Room to discuss bipartisan solutions to our nation's
problems and lay out a legislative agenda that
works for the American people.
The President: Hello, everybody! How are you doing today?
Narrator: Later, President Obama was briefed on federal
preparations for the upcoming hurricane season and stressed
the importance of the team's approach in engaging the entire
nation in emergency preparedness.
The President: Oh, well, we have some special guests today!
It's so exciting.
Team Member: You invited me to join your staff.
Narrator: On Thursday, June 2nd, the President dropped by a White
House tour organized for local wounded warriors.
The President: Your service to our country is what keeps us safe,
what keeps us free.
You mean so much to all of us.
I want to make sure the world is there for you and make sure your
military families get the support they need.
Narrator: Later, the President met with the House Democratic
Caucus in the East Room to talk about his balanced approach to
reducing our deficit by $4 trillion over the next
10 to 12 years.
The President: I don't want to spend most of my time talking;
I want to spend most of my time listening before answering any
questions that you may have.
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And thanks again for checking out your West Wing Week!
The President: (singing) ♪ Happy birthday dear David, ♪
♪ Happy birthday to you! ♪
All right, I know where you live, man!