How Remote Viewing Works 7: Dr. Simeon Hein

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>> OK, so
first step is to
become aware of the distractions in your mind and
Exhale the distractions.
As you breathe out
let go
of anything that could distract you from getting
accurate information.
Emotional distractions,
physical distractions.
Even advanced perceptions of what the target may be,
that can be a distraction too,
even though it can be accurate.
So, breathe in and out a few times and relax.
And when you feel
that your mind is quiet and calm
you can
put your hand on the paper, just let your hand move and
describe your ideogram
draw your ideogram.
Don't even think about it.
Just let your hand move.
Your subconscious already knows everything about its
next target.
trust it.
Put your hand on the paper.
Let your hand move.
And when you have your ideogram on the page
and it should be basically one continuous line
even if it moves around,
just continuous.
Put your pen into the ideogram or use your finger.
Probe the ideogram
and get some descriptors
on the page
First you wanna get the basic impressions,
the basic gestalt
motion, energy
information, which feels most correct
with the ideogram that you just drew.
What is it?
What feels correct to you
with the basic impression
of the target?
The most basic impression
that you can
When you've chosen
a basic impression
probe the ideogram again and describe some of your
sensory impressions.
Describe colors
textures and temperatures
what feels correct
Don't -- don't second-guess yourself.
If you get any nouns
let them go on the right side of the page.
Put the pen down a second and continue
And now
some dimensions and magnitudes
size, mass
what patterns do you perceive
space, volume
any vibrationals and energetics.
And now
if you'd like
move 50 feet over the target area
and describe
patterns, directions, colors
And now
draw a sketch
A little sketch
Put your hand on the page
Let your hand move
If you were at the target location
What might it look like?
Pay attention again to
Shapes, patterns, size, orientation,
what -- what fits
what feels correct
If you get any nouns, any analysis,
make sure you write it down but
put it on the right side of the page and just let go of it.
You can describe your sketch a little bit, if you've
drawn a little sketch,
you could
inaudible words, labeling
labeling what it is.
And then you
could end your session, whenever you're ready
uh describe
a few sentence summary
uh describing the target
Now in general it -- it does
do better and take more time, to do this but we're
we're constrained by the realities that we're
we have here.
But in general if you're doing this at home,
you might wanna take half an hour or an hour, to do a
even longer.
The longer you spend the more detail you'll get
So, write a little summary of your session
If you were describing
this target
can you
describe it, just looking at some of the words you used?
is anybody need more time?
Are you ready to get your
target feedback?
We wanna have a few minutes here for questions
so, I'll just uh,
inaudible we can
Sure we can do this for another hour or two.
I really enjoy the viewing process
and an afternoon can go by really quickly when you're
doing this because it's such uh,
engaging process.
Are we ready for the target feedback?
Can we have the slide projector please?
This is uh,
this is Stonehenge, Ron uh
on Ron's Crops Circle Tours.
We -- we go to Stonehenge every year and this is
one of uh
times we visited there.
Did you
perhaps get four
or six, something like that,
or a sense of heaviness?
Anybody get a sense of heaviness?
>> inaudible
>> Excuse me?
>> I got Stonehenge
>> Someone got Stonehenge.
Very good.
>> inaudible
>> Yes.
>> inaudible um inaudible
>> Tall, tower, archway
>> Tall tower inaudible
>> You can go through it.
That's target contact.
Yes, I would say so.
>> inaudible
>> Yes.
>> I got, very heavy solid inaudible ground inaudible
>> Very heavy.
>> inaudible
>> Movable.
>> inaudible
>> Natural or man-made, heavy, solid, squat object.
I would say that describes Stonehenge, yes.
>> inaudible
>> Yes.
>> inaudible
>> A city with lots of tall buildings, some in the
>> inaudible
>> Some in the foreground, some in the background and
>> inaudible
>> Yeah. It -- it may have been a city, uh, in previous
So you think it was?
So this is a uh
>> inaudible
>> One more here?
>> I got repeated patterns inaudible
>> Repeated patterns with openings.
>> inaudible chalky, grey, white inaudible
>> Chalky, grey, white. This is built on chalk.
>> inaudible earth movers.
>> Earth movers. Now, that's target contact.
In the back there!
>> inaudible
>> I can't quite hear!
>> inaudible
>> Yes.
>> inaudible
>> A Tower. Yes, towers
>> inaudible
>> Eating place. Towers.
That's good! Um hm!
There were a lot of people there at one time.
>> inaudible
>> Well, what I'd like to do now,
actually, I'd like to have some time for your questions
and I just wanna say
uh that
well, one thing, two things,
if -- if you wanna find out more about our Institute,
we have information on our table
uh, I'll be signing your copy of, "Opening Minds," over
there, in a few minutes,
when we're done.
And, I like to get any of your questions or reactions,
this, right here
at the mike.
We've got about five or six minutes.
Is anyone like to ask any questions?
This is a big topic.
There are lots of questions.
I have lots of questions,
I'm sure you do.