Apple's budget handset - iPhone 3GS Overview(Geekanoids entry)

Uploaded by libertyforgeeks on 29.07.2012

Hey guys what’s up and in today’s video I’ll be covering my favorite piece of tech for the geekanoids
competition the iPhone 3gs.
kKeep in mind this isn’t a full review but rather going over my favorite aspects of the device.
Going over some history of the device the iphone 3gs was released in june of
2009 and later had a model refresh in 2010
introducing an 8gb model at a reduced price.
The first thing that's really enjoyable about the product is the plastic back and
rounded design.
Some might argue the use of plastic makes the phone feel cheap but coupled with the great
feel in the hands it also provides for excellent wifi or service strength.
Going over to the screen the screen is responsive as can be and has an oleophobic
coating to help reduce fingerprints.
Next we see a 3 mega pixel camera at the back which is pretty adequate for
or sub par video with.
The 3gs when released was equipped with a samsung chip underclocked
at 600 mhz(which its true speed was 833 mhz)
and 256mb ram which is fairly adequate for multitasking
on simple apps.
The processor and ram makes the 3gs able to handle most modern casual mobile games
ike fruit ninja and temple run and handle most multitasking jobs.
The phone also was made with a 1219 milliamp battery that would last
a good while with simple use.
Currently the 3gs is running the latest version of ios, ios 5.1.1
with ios 6 support announced and limited support announced till 2014.
That means the phone is still equipped with a few new features since it’s release like
imessage, icloud and twitter integration and should get minor features along the road.
Even with the flurry of well spec’d phones out today the iphone 3gs is still in a
the size of market with other budget sizeable market with other budget phones such as budget android phones like the
samsung galaxy ace or the lg optimus hub e510.
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