Britsh and American Soldiers Detained (TRANSLATED)

Uploaded by SpeedOverStrength on 25.06.2010

The problem that faced Iraq's occupants (American/British) in their lack of special tactics while using equipment on-board close to north of Persian Gulf
And besides that, the false advertisements given about these forces has ended up showing itself as a repetitive scandal that
in an encounter our group was successful -with the right permission from specific leaders- to not only bring the news
but also imagery that has led to the filming of this documentary for the first time ever since the incident.
Americans encountered the same problem when trying to enter Arvand.
Not so much Arvand, when I say Arvand I mean about 30 kilometers from the point where you see land in the Persian Gulf
that would be outskirt of Arvand.
Again they came to the same spot and again they were captured by our forces
The captain of the team understands that they wanted to enter our water, and that they have already crossed the border
right away -while on patrol in the same area- he moves quick. Also had no weapons on him at all
Like he was telling me "We got close to their boat and they stopped. We saw one of them put his hands on his gun. As soon as he did that.."
This Captain of our team Mr. Sefaneeyad of Arvand's base is a very bigger-than average guy
He said "I gave a loud yell, and they threw their weapons down"
One our guys -with IRGC clothing- goes in their boat with a gun and yells "Allahu Akbar"
And before that the same guy (Captain) tells them before the yell that these are IRGC guards and dont try to resist
"We got in their boat, blindfolded them and began moving towards Arvand"
He said "When we got to the docks, we saw one of the Marines wet himself"
An American Marine -meaning a submissive human being- that faces an army with faith
and when he realizes where he is, he gets to the point of such fear that he wets himself.
From their fear they quickly raised their hands and one of them actually wet himself.
and this shows what cowards we have as enemies.
(Feces and urine on the seat)
Well, you know its been many years that America has had many psychological wars. Like I've said many times before, America doesn't have strength for troop warfare.
If you want to call them "powerful", I would call them powerful in psychological warfare .
The faithful are everything, the unbelievers are nothing.
The Marines were about 13 in total, 6 were Americans and the rest were forces hired by Americans (British).
They didn't stay for long unfortunately. Some decisions were made and the Marines were freed to go in 24 hrs.
About a year after the centralization of the American/British troops inside Iraq and their certainty that the control of Middle East
and the Persian Gulf is in their hands, once again the trespassing of the border near Arvand was taken place
They are given the "mentality" that "you are the best, your are undefeated"
It comes to my mind that "What do they think they are?", if they're the most "powerful" army and come to our border with all sorts of weapons
and they rolled up their sleeves to the biceps with the belief that they're very professional in what they do
(sarcasm)Only against our clothes, they fell to their knees.
Also we want to tell the people out there in the world that all the media propaganda you see of Western soldiers is all fake.
For one person to come and go commando on everyone, no brother doesn't work that way.
The cocky English that no one has been able to blindfold and tell them to keep their heads low
With the help of God and the bravery of our men we showed them no way out but a direct apology to Islamic Republic
I saw the hand(help) of God from the beginning of this till the end of it
We're not hungry for world power but at the same time we don't anybody offend our rights.
We don't let anybody threaten us. Just like our leader said
"If we take one step back they come ten steps forwards and still feel no guilt of gluttony"
they will keep coming till they take over the world, but with the bravery of our people that gave their lives for this land I'm we're here awake and will not allow the enemy to cross an inch of our waters