Children's Studies

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We have a shoulder. We have a head. What else do we need for our snowman?
The body!
I like kids because they are straight forward.
They will tell you whats on their mind.
If they have a problem, they will let you know.
They are happy, they'll give you a hug and tell you how much they love you
They're just wonderful to be around.
I'm very glad that I ended up going to Eastern.
I was looking at a couple of different avenues and
it turns out this is the only one that had the Children Studies degree and
it has been the best thing for me.
I dont think that I could have found
all the optoins and opportunities that I have had at a different school
Eastern Washington University's major in Children Studies
was the first in the nation.
The curriculum of this interdisciplinary program focuses on
the developmental, learning and social issues of
of children from birth to age 18.
The Children Studies major incorporates course work
from many fields of study including
education, sociology and psychology.
Our students are very diverse,
in terms of age, in terms of the kinds of work that
they intend to do with children
But the one thing we share is a passion for
children's health and well-being.
In addition to their core courses,
Children Studies majors select an area of concentration.
For those who want to do graduate work in fields dealing with children,
there is Option A, Research
For those persueing careers in a variety of agencies
there is Option B, Program Development.
This option is conveniently offered online as well.
And for those persuing teaching in pre-school programs,
there is Option C, Early Childhood Education
which can be taken nights and weekends.
A Bachelor of Arts in Children Studies offers students
the benefit of perspectives from varied disiplines as well as
research opportunities with practicioners in the field,
relevant internships and career counseling.
Some places you could go with a major in Children Studies
include education, social services, legal and health fields.
I think this program is great to be honest.
It's given me flexibility and it's given me my own ability to
look at different aspects of working with children and
decide which way I want to go.
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at Eastern Washington University, log on to