Andrej Pejic - Androgynous (Exkluziv TV PRVA) with English Subtitles

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Andrej Pejic, when 19 years old, already understood how fashion industry is
functioning, and from a male fashion model he became a female fashion model.
Since he over the night became a worldwide runway star, most of his time he now
spends in an aeroplane between New York, where he lives, and the rest of the world.
We found him in Paris shortly before Jean Paul Gaultier's fashion show where he was
wearing models of women's collection for the following autumn/winter season which looks…
androgynous. Yes.
Which means that your look fits perfectly!
Yeah, I mean, he uses me as a very feminine woman, sometimes as a boy,
sometimes as something in between, er, so every time it's something different.
Is your appearance... provocative?
Always when something is, er, unusual, it necessarily provokes someone. Umm, it definitely
attracts a lot of attention, and that is one of the reasons why designers love me.
Although he's now wearing models of many famous fashion designers,
like Marc Jacobs or Vivienne Westwood, in the very fashion orbit
he was launched, two seasons ago, by Jean Paul Gaultier.
Is Madonna's favourite fashion designer strict with his fashion models?
Oh, he's not very strict, he is, in a way, very sweet, er,
he's not, what they say, snob, but quite... funny and...
Since he became an icon of the famous French fashion company Andrej is
living a life that was, until recently, reserved only for female top models.
Now it's better than it was before. Earlier, it was running
from one casting to another. Now I just come in, nicely.
Those designers that want me, they book me directly. And, so, I'm going out a lot, to the parties.
I live in New York, but almost every week I travel to Europe,
er, so I'm living a Gipsy lifestyle, hmm, more or less.
Does he watch out for his nutrition?
I haven't got an opportunity to eat a lot of sarma,
and sausages, er, but, instead, salads and soups.
does it bother him that people confuse him with a woman?
No, I haven't got any problems with it.
If he accepts Exit's invitation, the audience of Novi Sad's music festival
will have a chance to see him the following summer in a DJ's role.
Translation by Mariska