Culinary Labs - Project Management

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The internal and external coordination
of the BRUNCH proof-of-principle
project, recipes for survivors of
gastrointestinal cancer, is extensive.
Initial recipe development occurred
in winter 2010 under Chef James Smith's
supervision of student teams in the classroom.
College food scientist Winnie Chiu then
recruited students from this researcher
pool to conduct recipe testing and
modification, which will be based on
research results due in spring 2010 from
the focus groups that the ELLICSR research
centre at Toronto General Hospital has
conducted with cancer survivors.
Winnie Chiu: This all about recipe
adaptations so we got a whole bunch of
students to research on alternative
ingredients that are cancer survivor
friendly based on their discussion with
the dieticians at the hospital.
Throughout the project, Chiu is focused on taking
research feedback from both George Brown
students and UHN researchers;
scheduling recipe retests at the college
meetings and demonstrations across
two large institutions; and
ensuring that the student research team
stays motivated and productive.